The beach stirs up a special type of emotion for those of us who love it so much. The feeling we experience from the minute our toes hit the sand to the ever-lasting joy we experience even after the leaves are falling and when the tan lines are fading is indescribable. Even if your love life isn’t always at its best, you know there is always one thing you can count on, the beach. Here are 11 signs you are actually in a long-term relationship with the beach:

  1. As soon as you leave, you can’t wait to go back. Just like leaving a significant other, you feel a sense of emptiness until you are reunited again. But once you are reunited, all is right with the world.
  2. You are able to be yourself while at the beach. You don’t feel like you are being judged for eating an entire bag of chips while basking in the sun and you will always feel confident rocking that bathing suit.
  3. The beach is always brought up in conversation. Just like that one friend who never fails to talk about her boyfriend, you always find a way to insert your love for the beach into any conversation.
  4. You can’t get it off your mind. Whether you are bored in class or extremely busy at work, the beach is always on your mind. You constantly wish you were there, swimming in the sea or feeling the warmth of the sun.
  5. There are numerous pictures, everywhere. From the endless pictures on your camera roll to the multiple framed photos around your room and bathroom, there are plenty of pictures to remind you of the good times.
  6. The beach teaches you lessons. Although you may not realize it, the beach teaches you many important lessons. Remember, life can be calm or rough just like the ocean, but in the end it is always beautiful.
  7. It overwhelms your social media. From Instagram to Snapchat, you are known for documenting every single experience you share together and, of course, you have to tag your location.
  8. You create incredible memories together. Even though the footprints you leave in the sand will wash away, your memories will be forever. From the endless trips with your family to the weekend getaways with your best friends, your favorite moments will always start with the beach.
  9. You crave its’ presence. You crave breathing in the salt air and hearing the crash of the waves. Most importantly, whether you’re having the best or worst day of your life, you would much rather experience it at the beach.
  10. It brings you joy and contentment. Just like being with a significant other, you are at your happiest when surrounded around sand and sea. You are most content with sitting in the sand with your toes in the water.
  11. The beach is always there for you and will never leave. Unlike other relationships, you can always count on the beach to be there for you and never leave. Through good and hard times, it will still be there and welcome you with open arms. Regardless of what is going on in your life, you know that you can always count of the beach to cure your blues.