10 Signs You Graduated From Edmond North High School
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10 Signs You Graduated From Edmond North High School

It's Always Great To Be An Edmond North Husky!

10 Signs You Graduated From Edmond North High School

Some look at North as nothing more than the "snobby rich kid" school of OKC, but it so much more than that! Even though I have definitely had some bad days over the years, I am proud to say that I am a Husky and always will be a Husky!

1. Some of your high school classes were harder than your college classes

North literally offered AP everything, from AP Music Theory to AP Chinese to AP European History. North was also known for being very academically challenging and competitive, which prepared you for college big time.

2. The parking lot was always filled with Mustangs and Range Rovers

Probably the most well-known stereotype North has is that we are the “rich kid” school. This right here explains why were are known as that.

3. The hallways were literally a fashion show

Kendra Scott earrings, Tori Burch sandals, and Lululemon everything were essential parts of the unofficial Edmond North uniform. T-shirts and sweats did not cut it here, you came to school every single day dressed like you are going to church.

4. Getting to class on time in 5 minutes was most definitely a struggle

Junior year, I had my anatomy class over by the Siberian Gym and my next class was in the Band hall, which was on the complete opposite of the school. With 2500 students scrambling to get to class on time, getting to your classes was definitely a huge struggle. Most of my teachers strictly enforced the tardy policy too.

5. Friday Night Lights were always lit

When I was a student, all of our varsity football games were played at the UCO Wantland stadium. The student section was always lit, even when we were losing. The student section had a different dress-up theme for each game and Edlam was the biggest social event of the year.

6. Your graduating class had about 30 valedictorians

With a class of about 600 graduating seniors, over 30 of them are tied for the highest GPA. That is one of the things that comes with going to such a large school.

7. You knew all about Oak Tree

Oak Tree was the exclusive “rich kid” neighborhood off of Waterloo and Kelly complete with the best country club in town. At football games, many students held up Oak Tree flags and wore Oak Tree attire. Our rival high schools, Memorial and Santa Fe, would hold up signs that say stuff like “choke tree”. We proudly embraced Oak Tree and were very proud of it!

8. Rules did not exist in the after-school car line

It was nearly impossible to get out of the senior parking lot right after 7th hour because so many parents of freshmen are breaking every rule of parking lot manners while waiting to pick up their students.

9. BALTO Week was the most lit week of the year!

BALTO stands for Bring A Light To Others and every year, North has a week long event where we raise money for a local charity. My senior year, we raised over 600,000 for Hearts For Hearing, which is a local nonprofit that provides children with free hearing aids and cochlear implants. The week consists of assemblies every day, puppy chow, oreo balls, an auction, sport tournaments, a 5K and a blacklight dance. We also had pretty cool T-Shirts every year too.

10. Beach Week was the 2nd most lit week of the year!

Up until 2017, Henderson Hills Baptist Church held their annual summer camp called Beach Week at the Laguna Beach Christian Retreat in Panama City. So many students from North attended Beach Week, even some that went to other churches. Beach Week consisted of crazy fun theme nights, lot of worship, prayer, fun, rec games, and bonding over a love for Jesus!

I am so glad I graduated from the #1 ranked high school in Oklahoma! The prepared me well for college and I have so many awesome memories and friendships from my time there! It's always great to be an Edmond North Husky!

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