In many of my more creative endeavors, and sometimes in my everyday life, I lack a source of inspiration.

There is often a period of time where I sit, staring at the ceiling, wondering where I'm going and my thoughts end up drifting off into dreamland. Lacking inspiration almost seems sinful because there are so many stimulating things in this world, but sometimes there is just nothing that excites you the way you have been excited before. Certain things trigger spurts of insight for me when I am feeling horribly uninspired, so I thought I'd give a nice list of things to get those creative and thoughtful juices flowing.

Doing these activities, you might have a thought that gets you going in the right direction.

1. Do some yoga

2. Read a book

3. Write about your day in a paragraph

4. Go on Pinterest

5. Light candles

6. Write down a goal

7. Hang upside down

8. Recount a memory and write about it

9. Think about a career that you think would NOT work for you and write about why you think that

10. Make a recipe that you never thought you would try