10 Revealing Relationship Stories And Their Final Break Up Texts

10 Revealing Relationship Stories And Their Final Break Up Texts

Remember when we were dumb and thought we were in love?

We've all been through the typical break ups, and the heart breaks. Some break ups happen face to face, or even in text, the worst way to break up with someone. Recently I went around and talked to some people and had them share stories. They revealed the last text from their significant other, and the short story. I thank the people who shared stories and how strong they were to bring up some events.

1. "Please don't leave me. I can't live without you. I have a gun next to me, I'm going to kill myself. "

Any time I ever tried to end things he always threatened to end his own life and being the person I am always made me stay because I didn't want him to hurt himself. Wish I was strong enough to end it before it got as bad as it did. Verbal and emotional abuse seemed to be his favorite things to do. They were his weapon of choice.

2. "I didn't cheat on you, she kissed me"

The end of my last relationship was rocky. Two days before we broke up he accused me of cheating on him because of a conversation I had with one of my girlfriends (he hacked into my Facebook, that's a story for a different time). The next night, things were better, we talked everything out, and he was my date to a dinner party. I was on call for my fire department that night, because all of the other EMTs were drunk. We got called out for a fatal crash, and I lost my first patient. I texted him, telling him I needed him, and what had happened. He completely flipped his lid, told me to suck it up, that it happens to everyone. How could I sum up not being able to save a life? Turns out, he was drunk and cheating on me with a girl that he swore up and down he didn't have feelings for.

3. "Yes, I love you, and I always will, but I'm not your happiness anymore, and I'll learn to be okay with that. But, thank you for the opportunity to actually feel what love is. And through everything I do still care. Been one "heck" of a ride."

We met at work. We were both having bad days, so we started talking about that, and that eventually turned into dating. A few months go by, everything is perfect. Then the fighting started. I had a best friend that was a guy, he had one that was a girl. His jealously was unreal, and so was mine. We fought about it for 3 days until we finally called it quits. A couple of months go by, and funny, the two people we were afraid to lose each other to, we ended up with. Beautifully tragic.

4. “I never liked you, I never looked for anything serious. I lied every time I said I love you. Move on. “

I was going out on dates with this guy and we went to the movies and coffee shops and it was for a few months. We even went to each other's houses and we met the parents and watched movies all night. It was from November until about March. He even constantly said, "I love you." Then towards the middle of March, he texted me saying he doesn't want anything serious and I need to move on. Later that day, I found out he was dating another girl from my school who was a year older than me.

5. “Because I didn’t even accept that even in the coldest place of my heart, it was still warmed by the thought of you.”

She was ready but I wasn't. Our relationship had changed for the worse. I swore up and down that I could see myself with her, but it just wasn't true. When I admitted I liked her, it vanished. She fought for me but I pushed her away because feelings just evaporated into the air. It was like God himself wanted me to admit how I felt and then he'd let the heavy weight on my shoulders be relinquished. I was free, now I'm happy.

6. “We accept the love we deserve”

From the beginning of sixth grade to the beginning of my freshman year (on and off ), I was in such a mind controlling, emotional, sometimes physical, and verbal abusive relationship to the point where from sunrise to sunset I wished I was someone else. Someone prettier, happier and, most of the time, wishing I had the strength to leave the relationship. Yes, I was young and didn't know what "love" was yet but that didn't matter. When he finally took the last straw and called me fat, ugly and "needed someone his own size," although I was hurt, I was so happy the relationship was FINALLY over. To think that I never thought I'd be able to love or even be loved again by someone 3 years ago. But when another man came into my life and treated me how I should be treated, I was terrified. Terrified it would end up the same way, for him to leave me so heartbroken, to see the real me. I'm so grateful to finally be happy with myself and someone else. I'm so thankful to let myself be free.

7. "I tried to make you happy. I loved you from day one and you didn't even have the audacity to tell me you didn't love me and break up with me, instead of cheat on me."

Towards the end of the so called "relationship", he started pushing me aside, not wanting to be around me at all. He started spreading rumors and comparing me to exes and what not. He thought I was cheating on him with the guy I'm with now, because me and this guy used to hang out a lot. But I'm no cheater. I don't have the will to do so. He cheated on me with a now ex-friend of mine, for four months, then came and said, "I just wanted someone to kiss and cuddle with. She could make me smile more than you ever could."

8. "I lost my motivation."

I messed up. I had something great and I let little problems get to me, and over thought every night. It led us to fall apart. Phone calls stopped, no more loving texts. It all went away. We were madly in love and life was perfect, life was at its peak, but then it went back down. I lost my motivation and that’s something I can’t get back now, and in the end I have to move on and try to better myself.

9. "No one will ever love you. You're so messed up. You ruined me. I never loved you."

Our relationship started off beautifully. We were best friends for 2 years and then we dated for a year and a half. We had our ups and downs, but towards the end, it was mostly down. We hit a lot of speed bumps. He started working, and met other people. He reassured me he loved me, but many, many sleepless nights later, he broke up with me, but then tried using me for sex. No matter how I felt, that's all he wanted. I finally gave up, and took my anger out on him. And now, after 2 years, my confidence is back.

10. "Stay out of my life, and everyone involved with it. Goodbye ‘name here’"

Him and I were on and off for about a year and a half. We had our ups and downs and our awful arguments. Everything was great with us, until we broke up and got back together. He acted different with me. Treated me differently. Showed me less and less attention each day that went by. And I let it happen because he said he loved me and he was constantly sorry for all the names he called me. Once I finally had enough, I left. And it took so much to do that because I couldn't see myself with anyone else. He was my whole life no matter what happened. We officially broke up after a few nights of me thinking about how terrible it all got between us. I was so depressed over it and so I went out and got drunk and slept with someone because I didn't know what else to do. I am finally able to move on in life. And it's the greatest feeling. Sometimes letting go is easier than holding on.

Break ups are one of the hardest things to go through but just remember, everyone has been through them and they have their stories behind them. You don't know what happens behind closed doors. Just remember, you're not alone. And another thank you to everyone who was strong and brave enough to tell me their story.

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'I Hope The Dog Is OK' And 11 Other Things You Think After A Breakup

Wondering how the family is doing doesn't make me crazy, right?


It finally happened. Whether it was mutual or rough on one side or the other, you broke up. Now, as you creep into single life and try to learn how to handle this crazy aspect of life again, it is completely reasonable that your mind is all over the place. You will think of your ex, their family, and even their pets at least once. If we're being honest, it will happen a few times. When it does, it may or may not drive you crazy.

Here are 13 things you will undoubtedly think about after a breakup, no matter how bad it is.

1. I wonder how his parents reacted


Does his mom hate me? Did his dad high-five him because he's secretly happy I'm gone? Did they scold him for letting a good girl go? I have to know.

2. How soon after this will he get into another relationship?


Should I even be concerned about that? It's not my business anymore. But what if someone tells me?

3. I hope the dog is OK


I think I loved the dog more than him anyway...

4. Will the dog know I'm gone and miss me?


I'm so sorry, fur baby. No one meant to hurt you.

5. I hope his mom hates the new girl


I was so perfect. She was practically considering me her daughter already. I'd like to see the new girl achieve that.

6. I'd like to see him do better than me


He can't. He won't.

7. No one else will put up with his annoying quirks, right?


The snoring, the too-loud laughter, the overuse of the word "like"... ugh.

8. I really miss those quirks


They were annoying, but sometimes they were so cute.

9. I hope his friends miss me


I fit right into the group. They have to wonder where I went.

10. If he texts me I'm not answering


Unless it's to tell me that his mom misses me. Then maybe.

11. Should I text him?


No... I can't. Can I?

12. I'm so much better off without him


Who needs boys, anyway? I can handle being single. I'll be fine.

13. I miss him


How can I miss him after all of that? Seriously? Seriously?! This cannot be happening.

Breakups are hard, but conflicting thoughts are harder.

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