10 Reasons Why Winter Is The Best
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10 Reasons Why Winter Is The Best

Don't doubt what winter has to offer.

10 Reasons Why Winter Is The Best

The winter months hold many promises, like probably getting into a wreck during a snowstorm and breaking a snow shovel trying to clear our sidewalks and driveways. However, despite how much we dislike everything winter-related, we can agree that there are at least 10 reasons why it's honestly the best.

1. Snow days from school or work.

Snowy winters mean the possibility that school or work (we can hope) will be closed. Snow days are wonderful because it gives us a much-needed break from the stresses of reality and force you to go outside to plow your driveway (no, it isn't fun, but would you rather be doing paperwork?)

2. Walking outside is fine because you’re not sweating.

Not worrying about sweating when you're hauling yourself across campus to a late class or otherwise is actually wonderful. No one wants to arrive to class with their clothes clinging to their skin. Similarly, it's nice not having bugs in your face (wasps, in particular). Thank you, winter.

3. The snow is actually really pretty.

Despite how much we gripe about how much we hate the cold and driving in the snow, you have to admit, the snow has a way of making the outdoors look stunning. Especially after blowing winds, we can see the snow clinging to the very tops of trees and every branch in between. those are the best winter sights.

4. You don’t have to do yard work.

Not being able to see our lawns means not having to be under a blazing sun doing yard work. We can't see the grass, so it doesn't have to be mowed. The only thing that's still green are the evergreens. We can sit comfortably outside and not worry about what our neighbors will think of our unruly lawn.

5. There’s a ton of outdoor activities.

Outdoor activities in the winter are the best because there's minimal sweat involved (can you tell I don't like to sweat?) and there's a lot of sliding involved. From snowboarding to sledding and inner-tubing to skiing, there's an activity for everyone. Even snow-shoeing, which is fun if you don't find going down a hill at high speeds very thrilling (oh, but it is). There's always something to do in the middle of winter. All you really need is a hill.

6. You can wear 85 layers of clothing and still be fine.

No matter how many layers you pile onto yourself, you can probably bet that you're still going to be cold. At least, you're cozy. We can all walk around looking like Michelin men and no one can judge us. Everyone can relate to not wanting to be cold in the snow.

7. Infinite amounts of hot drinks.

Hot drinks are typically frowned upon in the heat of the summer months (a latte in July?). However, for those of us who love hot drinks no matter the time of the year, we can revel in the freedom of drinking infinite amounts of hot drinks in the winter without scrutiny (because who's going to order a frappe in subzero temperatures? Actually, it's more common than you'd think).

8. You don’t feel guilty if you don’t go outside.

Despite the beautiful weather and plenty of opportunities to do something outdoors, sometimes looking out at the weather just makes us want to stay indoors. And that is totally fine. It's a struggle having to put on a coat and snow pants along with scarves, mittens, and everything in between. Often times, it isn't even going to be worth the struggle. So here's to those that prefer to stay indoors during the winter (me).

9. Sweater weather!

Winter weather means sweater weather. And who doesn't like to wear over-sized sweaters that allow us to wrap the four foot long sleeves around ourselves like a strait jacket? Sweater weather in the winter is a wonderful time for everyone, because no matter what the sweater looks like or how over-sized we choose to wear them, it's always socially acceptable.

10. You can cover up winter weight with sweaters.

The best thing about winter, honestly, is being able to cover up winter weight with sweaters. On average, we gain around six pounds during the course of winter, so having sweaters at our disposal is a wonderful help for this. We can feel comfortable packing on the pounds while we down holiday food because we have our sweaters on. We are not alone.

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