10 Reasons Why Prince Is The GOAT
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10 Reasons Why Prince Is The GOAT

Prince's music taught generations of youth how to be themselves.

10 Reasons Why Prince Is The GOAT

In the early morning of April 21st, musical legend Prince passed away at his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota. His fingerprint on the music industry is unmistakable to this day. His influence lives through countless artists of today, such as modern artists like Beyonce, Miguel, and The Weeknd. Here are 10 reasons why Prince should be considered the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).

1. He recorded 39 studio albums over the course of his artistic career.

His first album, For You, was released in 1978 when Prince was only 19 years old. He sun, instrumented, and produced the album completely by himself.

His latest entitled "HITnRUN Phase Two" was released on Tidal last year.

2. One of his songs, "Darling Nikki", was so profane that it singlehandedly created the "Parents Advisory" sticker.

The sexually explicit song inspired former Vice president Al Gore's ex-wife, Tipper Gore, to co-found the Parents Resource Music Center in 1985.

3. Michael Jackson's "Bad" was supposed to be a duet with Prince.

A rumored rivalry between Michael Jackson and Prince was brewing in the late 80s. "Bad" was supposed to bring the rumors to rest, signifying a reconciliation between the two. Watch this awesome 90s MTV interview with Prince to hear why the duet didn't come to fruition.

4. He had a female alter ago named Camille and planned to release a full album as a woman.

The album, entitled If I Was Your Girlfriend, was planned to be released in the late 90s. Also, he had a feature film in the works where he was supposed to play himself and in drag as Camille.

5. He was a big fan of the show "New Girl"

He said it was the only thing that he watched other than the news. He was such a big fan that he asked the show's frontrunner, Zooey Deschanel, to appear on the show. He cameo'd in an episode of the show that appeared after the 2014 Super Bowl.

6. In 1984, Prince was had the number #1 album, single, and film at the same time.

Purple Rain was released July 27, 1984 and landed $68 million dollars at the box office. He even won an Oscar for the film's score.

7. The yellow guitar that Prince played in the "Gett Off" music video is encased at the Smithsonian.

This basically makes it a historical artifact.

8. He wrote his first song when he was seven.

It was entitled "Funk Machine."

9. Dave Chappelle's classic Prince sketch was based on a true story.

Practically 30 years ago, Prince did actually beat Eddie Murphy and Charlie Murphy in a game of basketball and served them pancakes afterwards. In an interview with the Las Vegas-Review Journal, Charlie Murphy even said that the pancakes were "really good...actually perfect."

If you're at a loss to what skit I'm mentioning, here's a video of it.

10. His name is actually Prince.

He had a plethora of different nicknames during his 40+ year long career. Examples were The Purple One, The Artist, Alexander Nevermind, Jamie Starr, and many others. But, he was born Prince Rogers Nelson.

There are many different reasons why Prince should be considered the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). These are only a couple that scratch the surface of his lifetime of innovation and endless talent. Even though the world lost a musical genius in Prince, he will live forever in his art. That's truly what makes him the greatest of all time.

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