10 Reasons Why Potatoes Are The Best Food

10 Reasons Why Potatoes Are The Best Food

Besides being super delicious

Potatoes are the most perfect creation ever known to man. I eat potatoes in some form or another practically every day and they never cease to amaze me each time. There is not really a wrong way to make a potato and they always taste like heaven. Potatoes are honestly the best food in the entire world and these are only some of the reasons why.

1. They are so versatile

Potatoes are one of the only foods I can think of that can be made into so many versions of itself! Scallop, French fries, mashed, boiled, baked, the list goes on and each one becomes more delicious than the last! Just add some butter, ketchup, or another tasty condiment and you are ready for a feast.

2. Potatoes are REALLY healthy for you

They pack a lot of potassium into one little vegetable, which can help lower blood pressure and the carbs can help you to feel full longer. Potatoes are like a super vegetable!

3. They’re great for weight-loss

Since potatoes are so filling, they can actually help you lose weight by making you feel so full. So, if you ever want to drop a few inches on your waist, just eat a potato and enjoy!

4. Potatoes look like a lot of other things

I often compare myself to a potato! I mean, when I’m having a really off day there’s nothing like calling myself a potato that the word can’t cheer up. What’s not adorable about that?

5. They remind us of babies

Have you ever looked closely at a newborn baby’s head? I mean, real closely? You’ll notice that they resemble somewhat of a hairy potato. You’re welcome.

6. They fit into your purse way better than a banana

The irregular shape of a banana just often leaves my purse looking like I’m hiding something more…exciting inside my bag. A potato is the perfect size to just sneak in for a quick snack… but make sure you cook it first… and try not to burn your fingers.

7. They represent my Irish heritage

I’ve been chowing down hardcore on a potato before and had someone look at me with that “wtf” look. All I have to say is that I’m SUPER Irish and everything makes sense! Score for my leprechauns!

8. Potato puns are better than life

I mean, taters gonna tate right? I actually find potatoes to be quite a-peel-ing, but not everyone agrees with my taste in chip! I’ll still be a sweet potato about it though.

9. Potatoes bring people together

I have met so many wonderful people through my love of potatoes! I mean, I honestly haven’t met one person who hated potatoes.

10. We could literally survive off of only potatoes

Scientifically, water and a potato a day could allow a person to survive. They might be hella hungry and all because potatoes can’t do everything, but still, that’s pretty darn cool!

Cover Image Credit: Modern Farmer

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5 Ways To Make Your Ramen Taste Different, Since You Eat It Every Freaking Day

And warm up your Northeastern belly!

Ramen is considered one of the most popular college eats, but many people don't know about how versatile you can make it. There are a variety of flavors and so many possibilities when it comes to these wavy noodles. My mom and brother have inspired me to get more creative with my beloved Ramen, and I want to share the love and inspire all of you with five delicious and unusual add ins for some brothy goodness.

1. Ditch the Water

Instead of boiling the noodles in water and using the sodium packed flavor packet, use the broth that best correlates with the flavor of Ramen you chose. So if you have Chicken Ramen then put in chicken broth, and so on and so forth.

2. Veggie it Up

I know not everybody is a veggie lover, but I can guarantee this will give more flavor to your Ramen. Some great add ins are celery, carrots, peas, and broccoli. Try to add them toward the end if you pre-cook them so they don't get too mushy or soggy. If they aren't cooked put them in the water with the noodles when you start so they can soften up. This also helps to make it more filling and fibrous.

3. Adding Meat or Fish

Adding in meat or fish adds more texture and flavor to Ramen. It also helps to add protein and Vitamin B which will fill you up and give you the energy to finish that term paper. Some ideas are to add duck to Oriental Flavor Ramen and chicken to chicken flavor.

4. Yolk it Up

I know this one sounds really weird but trust me it is delicious! Just crack one egg straight into the Ramen once it's almost done cooking. Make sure it's fully cooked to avoid salmonella and stir it around to break it up. All that's left to do is pour and eat!

5. Sriracha!

If you love a kick in your food like I do, sriracha is the perfect way to finish off your Ramen! Spicy and tangy goes great with savory and rich! It's also become somewhat of an obsession in the past couple of years that has a huge following.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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The Ultimate 10 Brunch Spots In Charleston, SC

My favorite places to enjoy brunch in Charleston!

Going to brunch is one of my favorite things to do in Charleston. Who doesn’t love grabbing brunch and catching up with friends? Charleston is full of delicious restaurants, but here’s list of all my favorites for brunch!

1. Black Magic Café

This is my favorite café in Charleston! The food is incredible and their coffee is fresh and delicious. They also have yummy mimosas served in mason jars. The “Mornin’ Sunshine” is my favorite, so I always end up ordering it, but everything on the menu sounds amazing! They have tons of breakfast and lunch options. The original location is on Folly Beach and it’s a funky, beach house style café a couple blocks from the beach. There’s also a new location that opened up on James Island. Both locations have great outdoor seating where you can enjoy your brunch! And, pups are welcome!

2. Lost Dog Café

This is such a great café to go get brunch with friends at Folly Beach. It has amazing food and there are pictures of dogs all over the café. It’s the cutest! There’s also a nice porch and patio area where, of course, dogs are welcome. This is a dog lovers dream café! There are lots of delicious breakfast and lunch items and the coffee is amazing! Be sure to get there early on the weekend if you don’t want to wait; this is a popular spot!

3. Huriyali

This café is acai bowl heaven! They have several delicious variations of acai bowls, along with other breakfast and lunch options, smoothies, fresh juices, coffee, tea, wine, and beer. This café has a little something for everyone! This is a great place to grab a healthy brunch. There is also a beautiful garden area to enjoy your acai bowls!

4. Gnome Café

This is a delicious vegetarian and vegan-friendly café to grab a healthy brunch! They have lots of breakfast and lunch options and delicious coffee. The taco salad is insane! There is also a beautiful outdoor patio area surrounded by greenery to enjoy your brunch!

5. The Harbinger

This café is a little out of the way but so worth it! It’s all the way up King Street but you don’t want to miss it! It’s a beautiful café to grab a delicious vegetarian and vegan-friendly brunch. It also has a great outdoor patio area to enjoy your brunch!

6. The Park Café

This is a local favorite for a reason! It is absolutely delicious. You can expect fried eggs, avocado, and grapefruit on the menu. This brunch spot has lots of breakfast and lunch options to meet your cravings! There is also a great outdoor patio.

7. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

The is the ultimate place to get delicious biscuits! Until you’ve been here, you have no idea how many different ways you can enjoy a biscuit. Everything is absolutely delicious. Be sure to get there early though! It gets packed quick and it’s a tiny café

8. Caviar and Bananas

This is a café/market with so many delicious breakfast and lunch options! But on the weekends, they always have a special brunch menu. This menu changes weekly, but you can expect it to be nothing short of amazing! There’s also a nice outdoor seating area to enjoy your brunch.

9. Queen Street Grocery

This little café is so underrated. It is absolutely delicious in such a beautiful part of Charleston. It’s hidden over on Queen Street. This is a café, but also a mini market. The are several breakfast and lunch options to enjoy. There's little outdoor patio area to enjoy your brunch as well!

10. gogogreens

This is a delicious health-food café on Sullivan’s Island. This café is another piece of acai bowl heaven. Everything is delicious but the Cocoa beach bowl is absolutely amazing! It’s an acai bowl with an espresso shot mixed in… What more could you want?! There are several healthy breakfast and lunch options along with vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. This café also has a nice porch area to enjoy your acai bowl on a sunny day or you can take it to-go and enjoy it on the beach!

I hope this list gave you some ideas for the next time you go to brunch in Charleston! Keep brunching and treat yo'self.

Cover Image Credit: Jeanine Goodall

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