10 Reasons Why New Jersey Is Better Than New York
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10 Reasons Why New Jersey Is Better Than New York

Garden State vs. Concrete Jungle.

10 Reasons Why New Jersey Is Better Than New York

As a New Jersey native going to a school in New York, I often find myself comparing the states. The minute a non-New Jersey native learns where you are from, you are immediately pegged as being from a “trashy” or even “smelly” state. Think what you will, but being that I have had the opportunity to live in both states for a few years now, I’m often reminded why New Jersey is and always will be better than New York.

1. Jersey bagels and pizza forever trump New York’s.

There must be something about the bread in New Jersey that New York just can’t figure out.

2. No sales tax, no problem.

Unlike New York, the price on the tag on clothes in New Jersey is actually what you’re going to pay.

3. Jersey is home to the beloved “New York” Giants and “New York” Jets.

New Jersey is so awesome two NFL teams chose to make it their home.

4. Jersey is perfectly accessible to major attractions like New York City, Philadelphia, and the Jersey Shore.

Close, but not too close.

5. In New Jersey, you are literally not allowed to pump your own gas.

Just one of two states to enjoy this luxury.

6. New Jersey is home to one of the greatest theme parks, Six Flags Great Adventure.

Kingda Ka, anyone?

7. In New Jersey, diners are the only type of restaurant you need.

In the mood for just about everything? Jersey diners to the rescue.

8. New Jersey breakfast.

Most New Yorkers have no idea what taylor ham is. Enough said.

9. What would New York's skyline be if it weren't for New Jersey?

Views from Hoboken, NJ.

10. New York is overrated and New Jersey is underrated.

Next time you meet someone from New Jersey and assume they come from a "trashy," "smelly" state, think twice. New Jersey may be known as the "armpit of New York," but it's time New Jersey gets the appreciation it deserves.

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