10 Reasons Why My Mother Is Amazing

Mothers everywhere deserve to be thanked all year round for the wonderful things they do. But Mother’s Day is a special time to thank our moms and show our love for them. This article is dedicated to my mother who truly deserves appreciation. Here are 10 reasons why my mother is amazing:

1. She gets up early (like 5 am early) and still has a smile on her face when I walk down the stairs.

My mother is stay-at-home mom and not only that – she home-schools my younger brothers and sisters too. So in order to get anything done, she has to wake up extremely early. But she always does so with the best attitude. She never complains about the early mornings and she always has a chirpy “good morning merry sunshine” ready for any kid who walks down the stairs.

2. She has more patience and calmness than I will ever have.

Patience. So much patience. She rarely loses her cool over little things and she has a wonderful grasp over the concept of flexibility (Plan A usually never works out but she has no problem adapting to Plan B, C, D, etc.). I hope to have as much peace about life as she does when I’m older.

3. She gives the best advice.

My mom knows things. And she’s 99.9% right every time. If I could go back and say anything to my younger self it would be, “Listen to mom. She’s smart sometimes.”

4. She always makes time for my panicked phone calls from college.

As an adult in training, I continually rely on my mom (who is a certified adult) to teach me her ways of successfully adult-ing. I live relatively far away from home so this usually happens over the telephone. God bless my mother for taking time out of her busy day to listen to my problems and offer advice about how to do things or how to approach a situation.

5. She makes me read books I don’t want to read and I am a better person because of it.

My mom was my teacher from 5th grade to graduation so she has made me read more classics than I can count. Although I usually didn’t want to read them at the time, I understood afterwards why they were so important to read. My mother facilitates an atmosphere of learning at home and I could never thank her enough for that.

6. She has shown me what a good work ethic looks like.

My mom has the best work ethic I’ve ever seen. Big projects never scare her, she always has huge aspirations (some are practical, some are big dreams) and she’s not afraid to go after what she wants.

7. Her faith in God is unshakeable.

My mother’s relationship with God is inspiring. She trusts God with all her heart and her lifestyle shows that. She’s been my spiritual role model for years and she continues to help guide me on my spiritual journey.

8. Her love for me is unconditional.

I know that no matter how uncooperative, sassy, stubborn or mistaken I am, my mother will always love me.

9. She has the most generous heart out of everyone that I know.

This doesn’t just include the giving of material things. My mother gives time, energy, resources and joy everyday and she is happy to do it. “If you can help, you should help and should do so joyfully” is one of my mother’s favorite mantras and she lives up to it everyday.

10. She believes in me and supports me in everything I do.

My mom is one of biggest fans. She’s always there to cheer me on, cheer me up and encourage me to live the best life I possibly can. She’s there to help me when I get stuck and applauds me when I succeed.

I love you, Mom! I am very grateful and blessed to have a beautiful mother like you. Happy Mother’s Day!

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