10 Reasons Why I am Team Jess
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10 Reasons Why I am Team Jess

"It is what it is. You. Me."

10 Reasons Why I am Team Jess

So as we all know, every Gilmore Girls’ fanatic dream has come true. There is going to be A REVIVAL.

I know, I know. Me too. So far, most of the cast is coming back such as Lauren Graham who plays Lorelai Gilmore, Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore, Scott Patterson who plays Luke Danes, the dig who plays Paul-Anka (No Joke), and many other wonderful characters. But who I am ultimately excited to see? Milo Ventimiglia who plays Jess Mariano.

Let me give you a little background for those who haven’t really watched Gilmore Girls:

Jess Mariano is one of the three boyfriends that Rory Gilmore had. He is the nephew of Luke Danes and moved in with him when his mom couldn’t take care of him. He is dark and mysterious and in my opinion, the love of Rory’s life. Yes, he messed up many times and did A LOT of stupid stuff. But, let me explain why I am completely Team Jess in this revival and you should be too.

Because he’s spontaneous.

Jess does his own thing and doesn’t apologize for it. Some people take it as he doesn’t care about anything or anyone. I take it as he has always been on his own. Doing his own thing. He introduces Rory to a world where she can follow her own rules sometimes instead of her planner.

Rory brings out the best in him.

When we meet Jess, all we see is this punk kid who cares about himself. But as time goes on, we see Jess slowly become a hardworking writer and a good man. Or somebody good enough for Rory.

He brings out the adventurous side of her.

Rory is an organized A+ student who has a plan and is sticking to it. In high school, she never missed class and read encyclopedias for fun.

I wasn’t kidding. But when Jess left Stars Hallow (the first of many times), Rory did something so…. Un-Rory like. SHE SKIPPED SCHOOL. Where did she go you may ask? To go to New York and see none other than, Jess Mariano himself. For what reason you may ask?


Very dull, my friend. Very dull.

They have an undeniable connection.

I mean, they discuss books and music and movies and everything beautiful in this world. Just look at them....

LOOK AT THEM. Seriously. Anyone can see it. They always come back to each other.

He cares so much for her.

Jess Mariano is reckless and doesn't really think before he does things. But one thing that you can take away from his actions is how much he loves Rory Gilmore.

He doesn't express it well. When things get tough, he runs away. He expresses his feelings at all the wrong times.

But, you can never doubt how much he cares for this Gilmore Girl.

Dean’s a baby.

I get it. Dean is the first boyfriend and Rory's first love. But when a girl breaks up with you for another boy, and you never really move on which causes you to cheat on your wife with said girl, there are some problems.

Logan is a punk.

Honestly, I liked Logan for the most part. But when you cheat on your girlfriend when you are on a supposed 'break', there will cause some problems such as....

Jess. Always Jess. Which leads me to #7.

But Jess keeps it 100% always.

When Rory dropped out of Yale, Jess didn’t hold back with the truth when he saw her. He has always been honest with her and pretty much everyone else. Obnoxious at times? Absolutely. But 100% real with everybody. Especially Rory.

Dean and Logan are only in 1 episode of the revival. Jess is in 3.

Just saying. You can do the math yourself but, that leaves A WHOLE LOT of room for Mariano to swoop in with his sass and charm and get the girl.

They left things unclarified.

“It is what it is. You. Me.”


Well, I guess we will find out soon enough.

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