10 Reasons You Need To Watch Friends Before Graduating College

Friends is easily one of the best shows out there, especially for a college student. Not only is it very hilarious but it is a great show to wind down to after a crazy day full or classes and extra curricular activities. These are my reasons why you should watch Friends before you graduate college. (There are no spoilers, btw)

1. It's Relatable

I have never watched a television show that has been so relatable to my life. They are all in their twenties, have no idea what the heck is going on with their lives, and just making it through everyday with an amazing support system behind them. Not to mention the characters personalities are very relatable. Either you are one of them, all of them or you know someone like them. Personally I believe I am a mix of all three of the girls; Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel. What are you?

2. Relationships Are Confusing

Whether it is a romantic, family or friend relationship... they can sometimes be confusing. Friends does a great job of touching on every relationship and helping you compare them to your struggles and victories with the people who are in your life. This is one of the many encouraging aspects of the show.

3. It Doesn't Make You Feel as Bad About Your Eating Habits

Because food is important. They love to eat in the show whether it is from Monica's cooking, or Joey's eating habits. Food is essential. Especially for a stressed college student.

4. It Will Cheer You Up Any Day

Coming back to your dorm or apartment after a long day and just binge watching Friends will bring a big smile to your face every time... I promise.

5. It helps you appreciate your friends even more.

Friends helps you realize how thankful you are for the friends you have in your life. A support system like this is the best support system a person could ask for.

6. Phoebe helps you appreciate the little things.

Whether it is your passion for certain things, or something poetic that you want to put in a song no matter how odd it sounds; Phoebe will help you realize how special the world is and how to be the best person you can be.

7. Rachel brings out your fashionable side.

Rachel is a fashion queen, she loves everything about it. Working for Bloomingdales and getting deep into the fashion business shows how passionate she is. She will inspire you to wake up in the morning and ditch those sweatpants you have been wearing for three days straight for something stylish!

8. Monica helps you bring out your Type A and organized side.

Cleaning, cooking, organizing, taking care of her friends, and more cleaning. Monica is the definition of a Type A personality! She will always make sure that your needs are taken care of, and that everything is in order. This is what we need in college! She will inspire you to get down to business, and ace those finals!

9. Chandler brings out your sarcastic side.

Chandler is hilariously sarcastic and it is perfect. He is always saying what everyone is thinking, but in a witty way. You will definitely relate to him if you are a college senior, because you are to the point of wanting to move on from college, and you have had enough with some things, so you just use a sarcastic tone as an everyday thing... or you could already have one and nobody get's your sarcasm... ever.

10. And Joey brings out your hilarious side.

Joey is by far my favorite character (along with Phoebe of course), and he will quickly become one of yours too. He is funny, genuine and so crazy, especially when it comes to women. But you love him either way.

Oh, did I forget Ross? Well... I did that on purpose

NEVER be like Ross... ever. Ross seems to always get the short end of the stick so be careful if you relate to him, and don't let him influence you with all of his terrible decisions.

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