10 Reasons Thanksgiving Is The Best Holiday
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10 Reasons Thanksgiving Is The Best Holiday

Food, fun and family.

10 Reasons Thanksgiving Is The Best Holiday
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If you know how big my family is, it's no surprise that Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. Here are some reasons why it deserves to be your favorite holiday too!

1. Food, obviously.

This one should not surprise any of you. What's better than a kitchen full of delicious, never ending stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pie? The only that comes close is ...

2. The Post-Thanksgiving Dinner Nap.

I will never not love stuffing myself and immediately taking a nap afterward. I practice this multiple times in a normal week, so any holiday that encourages the post-meal nap is a winner in my book.

3. The Leftovers.

What do Americans love more than gorging themselves for one day? Gorging themselves for ENTIRE WEEK! Reheated thanksgiving dinner warms even the coldest of souls. And who said you even had to wait until the next day? Leftovers at 8 p.m. are beyond acceptable.

4. The Turkey Bowl.

I know I have your mind on food right now, but I'm talking about sports (you know, an American's second favorite hobby behind gorging). For some, it's a family tradition. For others, it's a free pass to tackle your asshole of a cousin.

5. Pie.

We all have that one family member who spends two weeks baking 1397 different types of pie. If you're like me and not a huge fan of pie, you can still devour a mountain of pure whipped cream -- this is how my childhood current Thanksgivings go.

6. Drunk Relatives.

Now, my own family knows we don't need a special holiday to over do it on the cosmos, but at least on Thanksgiving we look more like celebrators and less like alcoholics. Everyone knows the best stories come out of drunk relatives on the holidays.

7. The Kids' Table.

It doesn't matter that my 35 year old cousins sit there, it will always be the kids table. The only thing that will get you kicked out of the kids table is refusing to wear your paper crown (I feel like most families don't have poppers filled with paper crowns and bad jokes, and I'm sorry, because you're really missing out). If you're not at the table anymore, you'll always have animosity toward the damn kid who took your spot.

8. Thanksgiving Dinner Arguments.

The racist grandpa vs. the hippy cousin. The cool aunt vs. the strict mother-in-law. Thank you to the 2016 election for providing all of the content for this year's battle.

9. Constant Interrogations.

Why are you still single? What are you going to do after college? Who drank my gin and tonic? It's exhausting, honestly.

10. Family.

I know, this one is so cheesy. But it truly is the reason most of my family members would pick Thanksgiving over Christmas in a heart beat. Having 40 people eating, playing games and laughing together after a few [dozen] drinks is something that we are lucky to be able to do.

*Note: this is not my family, but look how cute these people are in their paper crowns!

No matter if you're a fan of the food, the booze or the togetherness, Thanksgiving is a special time of year for us all. Even though Americans have just elected a misogynistic human Cheeto for president, there's still a lot to be thankful for.

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