10 Reasons Siblings Make The Best Friends, If You're Doing 'Family' Right
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10 Reasons Siblings Make The Best Friends, If You're Doing 'Family' Right

They've known you inside and out your whole life.

10 Reasons Siblings Make The Best Friends, If You're Doing 'Family' Right
Alan LeMire

I'm not ashamed to say it: my sisters and brothers are my best friends, my friend group, my squad. When we were younger, this wasn't always the case.

In fact, laws were set against me, in typical family fashion. I was always told I couldn't play something because the age limit was one year older than me, and every year, that number coincidentally went up. Fast forward ten years though, and all the frustrations from my childhood have turned into hilarious memories and inside jokes, and I would rather spend time with my family than anyone else.

Siblings make the best friends in the world. They understand you like no one else can for many reasons.

1. They know your backstory (and are main characters in it).

No need to explain your irrational fears or quirks to them. They know because they were there as your life story was unfolding. Your brothers and/or sisters have always been key players. They were a part of your traditions, dance routines in the living room, and home videos. They've seen you grow into the beautiful human you are today, and will most likely take credit for some of your better traits.

2. You can tell them ANYTHING and they still have to love you.

They have absolutely no say in the matter. This puts you at an amazing advantage. You can confess anything to them and they'll still love you unconditionally. It's like magic. Then, after you tell them anything about yourself, if you need to go to your parents to fess up, they'll be right there behind you.

3. No matter how much grief they give you, they'll pounce on anyone who tries to do the same.

Yeah, not happening, sweetheart. Don't come at me, or my five older brothers and sisters will come directly at you. Only they are allowed to tease and mock their little sister. Anyone else would be a fool for trying.

4. Can you say family vacations and road trips?

So many inside jokes and stories come from these beautiful family outings. That's bound to happen when you all pile into one car. Chaos ensues instantly. I'd like to personally apologize to my sister for getting carsick on her that one year. My bad.

5. They know anyone who has come and gone from your life, as well as whether they need to give them the stink eye in the event of a run-in.

While you might try to keep the peace with someone who wronged you, they'll be holding grudges and calling people out for you. They've heard all the stories and remember exactly who gave you trouble through school or work.

6. They will be brutally honest with you.

Your siblings aren't afraid to say that outfit looks horrible or ask what the heck happened to your hair today. They won't hesitate to tell you when you're being ridiculous about a situation. This honesty will keep you humble and will show you who you're really able to trust in this world. Hint: your family.

7. They'll be at every major life event, whether they're forced by your parents or not.

Even if you have a small chorus part in the school musical that year, bet your bottom dollar (Annie pun intended) that they'll be there, front row, cheering you on. Or maybe they'll just be there to laugh at any mistakes they catch you making. Either way, it's the thought that counts.

8. They've been by your side through thick and thin, including that horrible decision to get bangs.

Ugh. I've been there. We all have periods of time that we'd rather forget. They make us feel embarrassed even years beyond the events. Some of these sour points are more serious than others. No matter how small the rough patch might seem, family will be there for you. They might tease you, but they certainly won't judge you or give you grief during a genuine bad time. Sometimes they'll even tell you horror stories from back in their day to make you laugh yours off too. They've got your back.

9. For every embarrassing story they have on you, you have one in return, creating a healthy relationship based on equality.

It's a beautiful thing, equality. When we're younger, it seems like our older brothers and sisters always have the upper hand, but when it comes to stories, that's not always the case. Siblings are more observant of each other than anyone will admit, and most of the time this leads to an artillery of blackmail in the form of humiliating stories. The good part is that either all the embarrassing stories come out at once and you guys can laugh about them, or both parties are too afraid to unleash war and keep them quiet.

10. They've made you who you are today.

They say that you're most like the people you spend time with, and with siblings, there's no exception. I know that I personally picked up on tons of my catch phrases from my sisters, especially saying, "either way." Aside from the small characteristics you inherit from them, you also pick up on traits like kindness, humor, and empathy. The memories you make with them and all the times they'll pick you up when you're down shape you. You'd be nothing like the person you are today with out their guidance, even if it's unwanted at the time.

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