10 Reasons People Should Still Trust the Police
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10 Reasons People Should Still Trust the Police

They really are there to protect us.

10 Reasons People Should Still Trust the Police

The police are the department owned by the government who is responsible for ensuring the security of the citizens of the country. Despite major scandals involving police brutality and violence, there are still reasons we should trust them.

10. People believe in police officers nowadays more than before because they are aware of the fact that they are recruited through a proper method. People now have trust in the method through which police officers are being selected. Thus, the trust over police has grown over the years.

9. Most people think that the police will unnecessarily try to fix them into something whenever they are called. However, this perception has changed because police officers are much more cooperative now.

8. A large number of people say that police officers are accountable for any wrong doing they have done during their duty. However, the system has improved and it is extremely difficult for them to get away if they have committed a crime.

7. Police officers are aware of the laws and regulations of each and every situation. Since these officers now come from training where they have to study well about the law. This act has enhanced people's trust of the cops.(Revise This)

6. Police officers do not have the right to come into a house and tear it apart until and unless they have a search warrant. If they do so they will be held accountable for their actions.

5. The trust among police officers has grown over the years because the governments ensured that officers would be less involved in drugs and other bad habits. This has helped the trust grow more among the people.

4. Police officers are quite harsh towards criminals just because they have committed a crime. But now these officers are trained to stay cool and behave in a good manner with the public and the criminals.(Revise)

3. Due to a lot of improvement in police departments, the corruption levels have also reduced among the police officers. This is one reason why people trust police now.

2. The government has made sure that the leaders of the police departments are the right people for the job. Because the leaders are going to lead the department they are also held accountable for their work.

1. It has been noticed that police officers are now much more active towards even a small crime because they are going to be held accountable for even a small crime in their area. This is also one of the reasons that has helped to increase trust in the police.

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