10 Reasons Why I Love Boston
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10 Reasons Why I Love Boston

It's the best place on Earth, let's be real.

10 Reasons Why I Love Boston

I love Boston, and always will. Even though I was born and raised in Connecticut, and I go to college in New York, I come from the half of CT that's closer to Massachusetts, so my love for the Bay state artificially flows through my veins. I was fortunate enough to spend the past few days in my favorite city with my best friend Sophie, and man, does Boston never fail to amaze me. Here're 10 of the reasons why I love good 'ole Beantown.

1. The Atmosphere

I may be biased since the people I know who live there I love terribly, but everyone's attitudes I come across while in Boston are always a lot more mellow and stress-free compared to cities like New York, whose people seem to always be a little more on edge. Also, Boston is a lot less crowded than NYC (for the most part), and I like the feeling of more freedom and space that the city gives off.

2. The Sox (and other Boston teams)

Even though I'm a basketball fan myself (Go Huskies!), I still have a soft spot for my boys in red and white. I was raised in a Sox-only household, so it's always been tradition to watch games when we can. I'll never forget my first (and so far only) time I've been at Fenway Park for a tour. Now all I need to do is to see a game in person!

3. Newbury Street

If you've heard of this infamous strip of land, you'll know what I mean when I say that after a trip down there, you're never quite sure how much money you're gonna have left in your bank account. Just gotta learn to plan ahead so I still have money for dinner! Speaking of…


I know that all big cities are infamous for their delicious dishes, but Boston really takes the cake (no pun intended). I've got a big sweet tooth, so anytime someone suggests Mike's Pastry for cannoli's or Zinneken's for chocolate-drizzled waffles, you know I'll be first one out the door.

5. The T

As weird as it sounds, the T gives me some kind of vibe that’s different from taking the NYC subway or a train. All kinds of public transportation give me sparks of creativity or inspiration, but the T is full of such gorgeous views (when it’s above ground) and the people I’m surrounded by while in those tubes just have a different kind of energy that's infectious.

6. The Weather

I’ve visited Boston during all times of the year, and since it settles in fabulous New England, this city experiences all kinds of weather and seasons. I, personally, am the biggest fan of Boston in the summer, since I love the warm weather and the flourish of green that really brightens up the city, which seems to bring up everyone’s moods.

7. The Colleges

Even though I ended up attending college in New York, you can bet money that I applied to a couple of schools in Boston. I love the idea of spending my free time within a city, exploring and adventuring around in a place that’s familiar but still has an opportunity for surprises. Not only that, but the multitude of higher education facilities in such a concentrated area, it encourages a lot more progressive and liberal environment, which could be a pro or a con, depending on you, but for me, it just makes this place that much more appealing.

8. The History

Beginning in elementary school, all American kids learn about the history of their country, and Boston has been home to quite a bit of excitement created in our nation’s past. From the Boston Tea Party to the creation of the Freedom Trail, Beantown has been a part of and creator of a lot of different events and landmarks that have helped shape our country into what it is today.

9. The North End

I love all parts of Boston, but the North End can’t be ignored for its personality. Not only is it home to the most fantastic Italian food (my favorite) but the cobblestone streets and narrow buildings give an old fashioned, comfortable feeling. You can definitely catch me trying to convince my friends to make the trek over there since all I want is to eat well while visiting.

10. The Perseverance

Of all of the people I’ve met who live in/are from Boston, they all have one thing in common; they fight. No matter what obstacle comes their way, big or small, Bostonians have shown again and again that nothing can shake them down. Just ask all of the brave people who experienced and were a part of emergency services during the Boston Marathon bombing. Although no one was prepared for the events that happened that day, it was unsurprising to see that Boston was able to link together as a community and stand strong, fighting against all odds to rebuild the city to its former glory and beyond.

As you can see, I’m a pretty big fan of Boston. Although I’ve only visited, let alone even lived in Massachusetts, it’s pretty clear that I’ve wanted to be a part of the community for a very long time. Maybe sometime in the future, I’ll make the pilgrimage to The Old Towne and experience it through a resident’s eyes. Until then, it’s only just a few train rides away.

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