10 Reasons Homecoming Is Simply The BEST

This year, nobody seems really fired up about homecoming.

For some reason, no seniors are interested in going even though it is their last chance, juniors and sophomores couldn't care less, and even the freshmen - usually good for an excitement boost - are fairly apathetic. Why?? Homecoming season is absolutely, hands down, the best.

1. Proposals are the cutest.

Okay, even the most bitter and lonely of us smile when somebody FINALLY asks out their crush that says yes, or the whole cross country team gets together to hold a banner up for a proposal, or even when somebody decides to go with their friends. How could you not? The happy smile on their faces is totally infectious, and it's so cool to see who ends up going with who.

2. Picking out your outfit is the best.

Dress shopping is SO MUCH FUN, and this is coming from someone who usually really doesn't enjoy shopping. It's like a scavenger hunt, and finding the dress is the easy part; now you need shoes, jewelry, a purse (maybe), a decision on hair and nails and makeup... oh, and if you're going to coordinate with your date, it's going to be a (fun) challenge to send them a picture of the color of your dress without showing it off -- because that's part of it, right?

3. Dinner with your friends is so much fun.

Even if you go the NOCO route or decide to fly solo, hanging out with friends, getting ready and going to dinner together is actually my favorite part. Besides, what else would you be doing on this Saturday night?

4. The school spirit is great...

This is the one football game everybody actually comes to, and the dress up days are SO much fun! Homecoming week is definitely the most fun.

5. ...and also, the school gets decorated.

With detailed themed hallways everywhere, posters advertising on the walls and ticket sales at lunch, how could you not be excited to go? I think this week alone would convince me; with all of the spirit and hype everywhere, you know you'll get caught up in it.

6. Pictures are so much fun.

Going somewhere fun and looking beautiful with your friends, parents and/or your bae? These are pictures you will TOTALLY want for the future, even if it's just to look back and prove to your kids that, yes, you really DID go to homecoming freshman year with the guy who's now the CEO of McDonald's, and yes, it does still hurt you that you chose Rick over him.

7. The dance itself isn't, like... horrible.

If you get into the dance and actually try to enjoy yourself, it really actually can be fun.

8. Homecoming court is fun, even (especially) if you're not on it.

Somehow, your class always manages to nominate and pick the right people. Plus, it's cool to see you or your best friends winning - acknowledgement is always great.

9. People who actually come home are the real ones.

Isn't that why it's called homecoming? At least at my school, a fair number of people come home for the game, and it's great to be able to see them again and share wild stories.

10. Afterparties rock.

Do I even need to say anything? Even if you skip the dance, you know you're hitting up an afterparty.

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