10 Reasons Going Home For Break Is The Best

10 Reasons Going Home For Break Is The Best

Because the beaches are probably crowded anyway

College spring breaks are weird sometimes, because there's a pretty good chance that when you go home for 'spring' break there will be snow on the ground at some point. Even if it's not sunny or 90 degrees, here are just a few of the best parts about coming home for spring break.

1. Family

It's been too long since you've seen them and you know it.

2. Homemade food

Not only do you not need to pay for it, but you don't have to fight off other college kids for the last bread stick (you just have to fight your family).

3. Daytime TV

Sure, Netflix has episodes of Law and Order SVU, but it's not the same as switching between that and the People's Court while everyone else is at school and work.

4. Seeing your friends from other schools

Maybe the trip across the state to their campus might be a bit much, but you can handle ten minutes to the Applebees in your hometown for them.

5. Sleeping in your own bed

Sure, you're used to the college bed now, but who wouldn't want to trade in a weird almost twin bed for a queen? Enjoy the space to roll around all night without hitting the floor.

6. Borrowing your sister's clothes

She's been shopping a lot since you've been gone. You could probably go all week without opening the bag you so carefully packed if you wanted to, but she might not like that.

7. Getting to see your young relatives

You can pretend you don't have the fear, but in the back of their mind every college student is afraid their baby cousins will forget who they are while they're away at school.

8. Sleeping in

Because once everyone leaves the house for work and school no one will know if you go right back to bed. Is there anything a college student wants more than 8+ hours of sleep?

9. Driving in familiar territory

The roads at school might be familiar by now, but you're not driving by your uncle's house or your elementary school or your favorite pizza place.

10. Catching up on everything you've missed

You've got to hear the highlight reel of the semester so far, but sitting at the dinner table is totally different than a grainy facetime call. You'd be surprised how much there is to talk about. Nothing feels as homey as settling in at the dinner table.

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Starting A New College Semester As Told By Gossip Girl


So its the start of ANOTHER semester. WOOHOO... ya OK, break is over and unfortunately it is time to buckle down and get your s*** together. If you are either 1. excited, 2. dreading, or 3. currently giving zero f**** about this semester, you may be feeling a combo of these scenarios according to Gossip Girl...

1. "What a beautiful day to be so prepared for class, look at me go!"

Ya boy get all those Psych notes down, phew you're on fire!

2. "AHHHHH!! #backwiththeroomie"

Snapchat, Insta, and 10,000 selfies are needed, am I right? Say cheese!

...this is what happens when you separate two bffs for a whole entire month @SuitemateJamie...

3. "FML...and 8 AMs"

Hopefully, you have a roomie that encourages you to get off your ass and go to class, however, if you don't, setting all alarms possible on your phone, Fitbit, laptop, tablet, or any other electronic device that you may possess is def an alternative.

4. When the first weekend approaches but ya still have a 5-page paper due Monday...

I mean you have all day Sunday so no need to stress babes, get your party persona on and have a fun night with your close friend, first name "Titos" last name "Vodka".

5. Come Sunday...."Time to procrastinate to the max."

Which is greater: Mani / Pedi or Bio??

6. *Face made when your crush is in all of your classes


7. When the professor goes over the syllabus and emphasizes "NO FOOD IN CLASS"...

Oh ya...OK (as we all eat our Einstein Bagels).

Be safe. Party hard and kill it my loves.

Much love.

~ xoxo

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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5 Thoughts Freshman Have After Winter Break

You're reminded of all the things you forgot about in the month you were gone.

Coming back to college for the first time after a long break is definitely a weird sensation. In high school we were all used to having 1-2 weeks off and then falling back into the exact same daily routine. In college, we have to get used to a completely different lifestyle after a full month away. Here are 5 thoughts every freshman has when coming back from Christmas break:

1. Wow, I actually have to do this again!

Register for classes, pack and head back to your dorm, pull all nighters--it's easy to forget that you actually have to go back and resume responsibilities after winter break.

2. Why don't I recognize half of these people...

Whether they're transfer students, studying abroad first semester, or just never crossed paths with you first semester, you're bound to run into a ton of unfamiliar faces.

3. Huh, the dining hall is still a thing too.

Having home cooked food for a month? A blessing.

4. I'm gonna put off going back into the library for as long as possible.

That way it'll even out the four days I lived there during finals.

5. It's good to be home.

Your dorm bed, your friends, the overall experience--it feels good to finally be back at home.

Cover Image Credit: Wallpapers Craft

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