I've been visiting a lot of coffee shops this year and have discovered things that I like and dislike about each. I've also come to realize that being in one of these familiar/unfamiliar places allows me to finish what I want to do all while drinking a coffee. Here are some reasons to look into finding the local shop that`s right for you.

1. Coffee

Maybe one of the most important parts of the trip in the first place.

2. Atmosphere

The soft music and white noise of the espresso machines keeps you distracted enough to stay focused and interested in the task at hand.

3. Friends

Going with a pal or two when you both want somewhere to go and need something to motivate you allows you to socialize and accomplish something all at once.

4. Location

The kind of shop you go to makes a difference. Choosing one that feels comfortable but not too comfortable is key (as you still want to get a latte done).

5. Relaxing

Find a shop that allows you to sit and sip for a moment, where you don't feel rushed to pack up and leave.

6. Cute tables/chairs

Looks make a difference in this case and if the chair isn't comfy enough to sit in you're not going to be comfortable enough to focus on what you`re there to do.

7. Baristas

Make friends with your barista! They`ll know the best drinks and maybe even see if you'd like to try something off the secret menu.

8. People

Taking a break to people watch lets you take in the culture around you and gives more insight on others.

9. 'Get It Done' mood

Coffee shops close and much like a deadline motivates some, the threat of the doors closing in 30 minutes can up the interest in finishing the task at hand.

10. More coffee

Because sometimes one cup is just not enough.