For those days where you honestly just can't listen to a word your professor is saying, BuzzFeed has you covered. Whether you want to take a quiz that will tell you what kind of dog you are or watch a video of men wearing heels all day, or listen to women talk about the struggles of being a girl, BuzzFeed is the website for you!

1. Their quizzes.

There is nothing like being released from your boredom by one of BuzzFeed's hundreds of quizzes. Whether you're finding out what kind of fruit you are or where you should travel to next, BuzzFeed has the quiz for you.

2. They actually report news too.

Most people know BuzzFeed for their quizzes, but they also report some interesting news/current events too! Check out their news section if you get the chance.

3. The Try Guys.

These hilarious men try ridiculous things like wearing heals for an entire day or trying ballet. Whatever they are doing, it is guaranteed to be hilarious, and you definitely should check them out.

4. Their Tasty videos.

This delicious web channel gives you mouth-watering recipes accompanied by videos of the making of the dish and the final product. Warning: don't watch these videos if you're on a diet.

5. Ladylike.

Yet another amazing web channel of BuzzFeed's, this one is hosted by females who are exploring different issues/things that women deal with! Very funny and sometimes very helpful.

6. Their LOL page.

This is one of my all-time favorites. Whether they are posting the month's funniest tweets or "13 Adults Who Are High-Key Struggling To Live In A Millenial World," this page will definitely have you laughing hard.

In conclusion, no matter what you're looking for to cure your boredom, BuzzFeed is the website for you! It has it all, and you definitely will not be disappointed.