10 Reason Why I LOVE Valentines Day
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10 Reason Why I LOVE Valentines Day

Hearts, Roses, Candies, what else could you ask for?

10 Reason Why I LOVE Valentines Day
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

I know, I know, you're asking yourself why in the world is Valentines Day is my favorite Holiday. I absolutely adore this special day for so many reasons but here's the top 10 that I can think of. I hope this will make the up-coming, "Worst Day Ever," a little better this year when you look at it from my perspective.

1. You Get Flowers

Flowers bring so much life to a room and the best part is, they can be a five dollar bouquet or a fiive million and they still are so beautiful.

2. The Candy

Do I have to explain myself? The best chocolates wrapped up in a cute red heart box.

3. Cute Colors 

Pink and Red? That is so much better

4. Cute Decor Pieces 

There's nothing better than decorating with cute colors and hearts! So fun!

5. A Day to Celebrate Loved Ones

This is an extra special day to say, "I Love You," to your family and friends. Sometimes I think we need a reminder to do this more often.

6. A Reason to Go On a Fun Date

Celebrate with a special dinner and movie or even cook for your partner.

7. Even If You Don't Have a Partner Go Out With Friends

If you're single on v-day just take time with friends. You can do basically anything that you'd do with a boyfriend or girlfriend with your friends.

8. Take A Me Day

Treat yourself to getting cute v-day nails in preparation for your date or just to make yourself feel better.

9. Getting Cards and Love Notes

If you're not the verbal type write a note to the ones you love!

10. A Cutie Mascot for the day

A baby that shoots love arrows! So stinkin' cute if you ask me!

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