10 Reason Halle Bailey Absolutely Should Be Ariel

My news feed has been flooded with this for days. Yes, Ariel is going to be black! Some people are outraged, but others who are more progressive in this world are celebrating.

I personally believe this is one-hundred percent something to celebrate. Equality is very important to me as it should be for everyone else. I believe that every human deserves to have equal opportunities, even if that simply means being represented on the big screen.

Most of all, I think people should be loved and accepted for who they are, not what they look like and I think Disney's casting choice is bringing us one step closer to being the society we should be. These are just 10 reasons as to why Halle Bailey booking this role is a great thing to have happened.

1. There are only five Disney Princesses of color and only one of them is African-American!

That is absolutely not enough. The Little Mermaid remake is a must.

2. Every little girl deserves to feel like she looks like a princess, including little girls of color

Every little girl should be able to relate to a Disney Princess despite her shape, size, or color.

3. It is no different than Jason Mamoa being cast as Aquaman

No one complained when they didn't cast a look-a-like for the cartoon Aquaman. Jason Momoa may not have looked like cartoon Aquaman, but the movie was great!

4. It is a REMAKE! Not the original!

They are remaking it. They are changing things and making it different. It won't be the same as the cartoon and that is the point. It may even be better.

5. Actresses and actors should be picked based on their abilities.

It shouldn't matter what someone looks like if they had the best audition. Unless it is a movie were someone's culture matters.

6. They are under the sea. Skin color does not matter nor does it correlate with the storyline. Mermaids are imaginary!

They are fake. Therefore, they do not have a certain ethnic background. Honestly, if they were real they would most likely be blue or green.

7. It's a Disney movie, where imagination is everything and they make the decisions

Disney gets to make these choices. They want to make their movies more diverse. I think that is amazing.

7. Ariel is known for her red hair, green tail, and purple clam shells ,not her skin. Oh, and a dinglehopper.

As long as she has red hair in the movie and this scene makes it in, I will be happy.

9. Because we love making the racists mad

The fact people are mad goes to show that this is very needed. We obviously still have some growing to do in the acceptance department.

10. Halle Bailey possesses all the abilities to make an amazing Ariel. If you haven't even seen her work, how can you have an opinion anyway??

All we really need is someone who can sing and has the fiery personality of Ariel. As long as Part of Your World is good, I will love it.

I am so excited to see this movie. I love everything Disney. If Disney cast Halle Bailey, then she is the one for the job. Disney knows best.

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