These amazing novels will keep the boredom away this summer! From mysterious thrillers to love stories to addiction, these novels have it all to keep you turning the page.

1. "You."

This thrilling, suspenseful novel is about an obsessive man who begins to stalk a girl, Beck, that he meets at a bookstore. He always knows where she will be, makes sure he is there, and makes it seem like he just happens to run into her. He is willing to do anything to get to her and to be with her. This is the perfect mystery novel for your summer.

2. "The Cellar."

A creepy, psychotic, flower-obsessed man kidnaps a girl named Lily and traps her in his cellar with three other (also kidnapped) girls: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. The novel explores the girls and their efforts of survival and escape.

3. "Sempre."

This novel tells the story of a young girl, Haven Antonelli, who was born into sex trafficking. She lived her life as property of another man until Dr. Vincent DeMarco bought her from him and brought her into his home with he and his two sons. However, his son Carmine fell in love with Haven and she with him, and this changed everything for the family. The Italian mafia then did everything they could to break the two of them apart. It is full of suspense, love, and crime.

4. "The Sociopath Next Door."

This nonfiction book was written by Dr. Martha Stout, a clinical psychologist. The book reveals fascinating facts about sociopaths, for example 4% of all people are sociopaths. Further, she tells you how to best handle dealing with those people. So what exactly makes a person a sociopath? Read the book to find out!

5. "The Cabin."

Seven teens go on a trip to a remote cabin owned by two of them. It starts out as a fun weekend full of fireside chats, lust, and drama. However, things quickly took a turn for the worst when five of the teens woke up to find the other two of their friends dead. They all assumed that a stranger had broken in in the middle of the night and done this...but when the cops investigated the scene, there were no signs of forced entry. So the question is...who killed their friends?

6. "Crank."

This novel is about a girl, Kristina Snow, who falls victim to addiction. She was a successful student, until she started experimenting with meth, and before she knew it she was an addict and pregnant. To find out just how she deals with her struggles, read Crank! And if you enjoy it (which you will), check out some of Ellen Hopkin's other thrilling novels!

7. "A Stolen Life."

This gut-wrenching memoir tells the tragic story of Jaycee Dugard, a woman who was kidnapped at the age of 11 and forced to live with a man who constantly raped and abused her. During her time in captivity, she gave birth twice. She finally escaped at the age of 29, this is her story.

8. "Stolen."

This suspenseful novel is about an insecure girl who was wooed, drugged, and kidnapped in an airport and taken to a remote house in the middle of the desert. At first she is scared, but then she kind of gets feelings for the man...where will that lead her? Read the book to find out!

9. "Go Ask Alice."

This anonymous book, written in the form of a journal, is about a teenage girls descent into addiction and battle against drugs. Her addiction started in an unconventional way, but led Alice down a dark path. Spend your summer leisure time checking out her story!

10. "The Picture Of Dorian Gray."

Had to include at least one classic! This original novel tells the story of an extraordinarily beautiful young man who falls in love with a painting of himself. He becomes jealous that this painting will never age, but his beauty will begin to fade. This jealousy leads him down a dangerous, strange path...