When it's raining outside - cold, wet, exposed - I enjoy some favorite activities. These activities include warmth, productivity or relaxation, deliciousness or curiosity.

The next time it rains, try some of these favorite "Rainy Day Behaviors."

1. Wrap yourself in blankets, and dive deep into a book.

I am obsessed with memoirs. I could listen to the lives of strangers endlessly. The lessons I learn from having a silent passport into someone else's life are precious lessons. They help inform how I perceive the world around me. Rainy days are perfect days to gain some perspective.

2. Turn on music and clean your entire living space.

I love doing this. Getting my life collected, calm, in place and prepared helps me live life that way. When I am always on the run, my house looks that way. So the occasional rainy day to play "catch up" and get everything in place is tremendously helpful to my personal and professional life.

3. Take a really long bubble bath.

Bubbles. Warm water. Resting. When it rains, I always feel the cool dampness soak into my skin all the way to my bones. Taking bubble baths allows me to regain warmth and it also calms my thoughts. Taking a pause is so important to me in a hectic world.

4. Make yourself piping hot tea and treat yourself to an in-home facial.

I love hot, hot, hot tea. I love feeling the steam on my cheeks. If you do a facial and hang out over a glass of hot tea, your pores will open and it'll help you have glowing skin. Bring on the rain!

5. Bake cookies. All day long.

Any kind of cookies; I love them all. I love the ritual of making cookies, and then... the smell. It fills my house with goodness. The oven warms my house and my soul. The gooeyness of the chocolate makes my life complete.

6. Netflix binge. With popcorn.

There are some shows that I just can't peel myself away from. Their writers are mesmerizing. The artistic vision of the cinematography commands my attention. I get comfortable, and the next thing I know it's midnight.

7. Write in a journal.

I love journaling because it gives me a place to collect not just my own thoughts and feelings, but special moments that inspired me from other people. It allows me to record memories of people, places and conversations. Then, on rainy days, I revisit these lovely memories and add new ones.

8. Look through old family photographs. Then write letters to your loved ones.

Life goes by really quickly. Rainy day after rainy day leads to a life being lived. Taking a minute to review your collection of days is a great way to smile and be thankful. Then, make sure you say "thank you" to the people who helped create those memories for you.

9. Organize your pantry or the clothes in your closets.

I love doing this because I often forget what I have. I know I don't need all of those things so it's nice to go through everything to keep what I need and donate what I no longer need. Simplifying is a great way to feel wonderful!

10. Catch up on miscellaneous chores that you've put aside (you know exactly what I'm talking about).

I always have this "I'll get to it...eventually" list. On rainy days, I knock those things OUT! Then they're moved to the "done and done" list.

Rainy days are a great way to catch up on your much needed Me Time, or your much needed House/Apartment Time. Clean, rest, create, observe. Rain - sometimes - grants you the time to look inward or look around to organize your life. Use your rain time wisely! And you'll feel wonderful.