10 Quotes To Get You Through Second Semester
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10 Quotes To Get You Through Second Semester

For when you need the extra motivation.

10 Quotes To Get You Through Second Semester

With syllabus week already over, you are starting to realize that second semester is upon us. Something about the second half of the year classes just drag on. It might be because of the weather, or taking harder classes. Here are some things to help you through it!

1. For Starting A New Year

Even if you had a hard semester in the fall, it's a new year. Be who you want to be.

2. For Mondays

Make the worst day of the week, the best.

3. For That Paper That Is Taking All Night To Finish

4. For When You're Questioning Why You're In School

No matter how hard school gets, or how unmotivated you are remember that you are taking steps toward bettering yourself and the world with an education.

5. Do The Extra Credit

You'll be thankful when you did it because at the end of the semester you won't have to beg your professors to round your grade up.

6. Join Clubs, Not Just Go To Class

Part of the college experience is being apart of things other than just your classes. Join an organization this semester. It will boost your resume and help you meet new people.

7. Get Rid Of Worthless People

A new semester means a new chance to get rid of people who don't care about you. If someone is constantly hurting you, cut them out.

8. When You're Doubting Your Major

Remember how passionate you are about what you want to do for the rest of your life.

9. To Motivate Others

Encourage your friends, and in return they will encourage you.

10. Throughout The Whole Semester

This quote has a lot in it, but It pretty much goes with every situation.

Read this often and you will have the motivation to get through spring semester! Make it your best yet.

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