7 Questions That No College Student Wants To Answer This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving weekend is undoubtedly a wonderful time for many. Several days filled with food, shopping, and reconnecting with family. In many cases, it's a dream. However, there is something about this weekend that stress college students out more than their actual classes. That "something" is the knowledge that your parents and extended family members will be bombarding you with questions about your life.

Don't get me wrong, I love talking about my college life. I love my relatives, and I haven't seen most of them in many months. However, there are some questions that, as a college student, I'm just not ready to answer.

How Are Your Grades?

Respectable. My grades are respectable, and we can leave it at that. I'm in no danger of failing, and like many of my classmates, I'm working hard to keep my grades in the A and B range. In addition, this question is an unnecessary reminder that final exams are approaching. Please, I want to forget about all that for a while and enjoy some cherry pie. I have no problem talking about classes in general, but please. AVOID THIS QUESTION!!!

Do You Have Job Prospects?

If by "prospects," you mean short term, then yes. There are plenty of places on campus for me to apply. If by long term, then NO. I'm only a sophomore. Internships will soon be a possibility, but working a full time job isn't on the horizon yet. That's why I'm in school, so one day I can hold a steady job and survive on my own.

What Are You Majoring In Again?

This point isn't necessarily about the question itself, but about the amount of times it will be asked. I know I mentioned it at least once in the past few hours, and I'm sure that my parents have mentioned it to you.

Are You Dating Anybody?

Ok, first of all, that's not your business. Second, that's not a primary concern of mine. The previous items on this list can at least be backed up with the idea that they're being asked in consideration for my future. However, a person's love life is their private business. Unless you have my soulmate waiting outside, then please leave this question behind.

Are You Getting Out And Socializing?

No.... I just sit in my dorm, staring at the wall all weekend.

Yes, of course I am! College isn't just about studying. Everyone likes to have a good time, and friends make a person's college experience whole.

Do You Miss High School?

No way. I graduated and never looked back at high school, and I'm in a much happier place now. Please, everyone, don't ask us about high school. I understand that everyone has different perception of high school, but the past is in the past. How are we supposed to focus on our future if people keep bringing up the past?

How Often Do You Get To The Gym?

Of all things to talk about on Thanksgiving, a holiday associated with many as one with extensive amounts of food, you choose to mention the gym. Please, many college students are already self-conscious about their weight. This topic falls into the guidelines of "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all." Unless you want to compliment someone on their athletic perseverance, avoid this topic.

In conclusion, the social standards of Thanksgiving Break with you're college-age child/grandchild/nephew/niece should be the same with any situation. Please be considerate. We are all doing our best with the opportunities that we have. Most students will be more than willing to talk about their progress in college. However, we don't want to stress about unnecessary factors. Keep this in mind as we enter a time to celebrate and be thankful.

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