10 Perks Of Dating A Health Conscious Guy
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10 Perks Of Dating A Health Conscious Guy

10 Perks Of Dating A Health Conscious Guy

This is a list of only 10 of the many benefits to dating a health conscious guy. There is so much these guys have to offer, and I hope we all get the opportunity to date one!

  • 1. They look good naked. Obviously, health conscious guys like to take care of themselves, but they don't just do the whole buff brick-head lifting thing. They are aware of the benefits of endurance training as well, and let's just say ladies: I hope you can handle it.
  • 2. They are confident: The crap his friends give him for bringing a kale smoothie to class doesn't faze this guy. He doesn't need the approval of others to dictate his actions.
  • 3. They know how to have fun. You can be confident that going with him to the bars won't be embarrassing for either of you. You will not have to worry about taking care of him after a night out and he will be a fun date to try new things with and go on your own fun adventurous with throughout the day.
  • 4. They are down to eat healthily. He would never make fun of you for eating a salad. He would actually appreciate your healthy cooking attempts and enjoy eating whatever you prepare. This guy would not complain about trying a healthier option or a new sustainable restaurant. He's always the perfect date.
  • 5. They are compassionate: He appreciates his healthy body and so appreciates yours as well. His love for life will shine through when he expresses how beautiful you are without makeup and without all the distractions.
  • 6. They are productive. Instead of just sitting around watching the next episode on Netflix all day, he is probably cleaning something, fixing something, asking to give you a massage, or researching something fun to do with you in the future. He likes not only having his physical health under control, but is proactive to have other aspects of his life under control too.
  • 7. They enjoy trying new things. He is open-minded about anything involving self-improvement.So, if you've always dreamed of a guy who can sweep you across the dance floor, (like me), you can guarantee he'd be down to get good at that and try taking some lessons with you.
  • 8. They smell good. There's no way this guy would touch a cigarette with a 10-foot pole. EW. Talk about the nastiest smell ever that no girl wants lingering. He will also have his hygiene in check and be fresh and ready for you, always.
  • 9. They have flawless silky smooth skin: His hygiene, physical activity, and food choices will most likely conjure up a silky smooth complexion. His soft skin is simply irresistible!
  • 10. Their healthy lifestyles keep you healthy too: He will be so down to support you in your health and fitness endeavors. Whether it is having an open mind to a healthy recipe, being proud of you for trying a new fitness class, or even going for a run with you, he will help you to accomplish your long-term fitness goals.

If your man isn't health conscious yet, show him this article, and get him to get his act together! Stay healthy!

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