You probably opened this article because you're broke. Maybe you're struggling to pay your way through college. Maybe you blew your money on late night pizza and now you feel guilty. Or maybe you're just looking to have a little more cash. No matter what your reason is, I'm here to help. Most college students avoid getting jobs because they don't want to interfere with their studies or lose their free time. Or maybe they just aren't sure where to look. But as it turns out, there are actually a lot of flexible, part-time jobs that are tailored towards college students just like you. This list features some high-paying jobs with relatively low time commitments.

1. After-school tutor

Average pay: $10+/hour

Being a tutor looks great on your resume and you typically have pretty flexible hours. There's a lot of age and subject options -- you could tutor second graders in math or help out a fellow college student with psychology. Most colleges have programs for tutoring fellow students or younger students from nearby schools, so get on your school's website to check it out. Some schools will even pay you to take good notes in a class for students with disabilities.

2. Brand ambassador

Average pay: $15+/hour or commission based

Brand ambassadors (or brand representatives) essentially get paid to wear cool company gear and talk to people. As an ambassador, you'd typically work events in the evenings or on the weekends, so the job won’t interfere with your classes. A lot of companies will send out a schedule and let you select the dates that you want to work. I was a brand ambassador for Uber last year, and it was perfect- the pay was high, and I could work as much or as little as I wanted, depending on my schedule. You’ll accumulate a lot of resume-worthy skills and score some cool free stuff. It could even lead to a more permanent job with that company after graduation.

3. Tour guide

Average pay: $8.50/hour

Do you love your school? Then why not get paid to show it off?? If you consider yourself to be a people person, being a tour guide might be the perfect job for you. It's a great chance to get out from behind a desk, hone your public speaking skills, and meet lots of new people. You can create a work schedule that works around your class schedule and still have your evenings free.

4. Babysitter

Average pay: $10+/hour

If you like kids (or if you can tolerate kids), babysitting could be an easy way to earn some cash. Talk to professors, ask around in your social groups, or make an online profile on a site like (some major cities have localized versions of, do some research). Parents might want a sitter for date night, a nanny a few times a week, or someone to drive their kids to clubs and sports. You can pick and choose the jobs that work for your schedule. The best part about being a babysitter is that you can set your own pay rate.

5. Social Media Assistant

Average pay: $20+/hour

All the time you spend crafting your perfect Instagram feed can be translated into a job. A lot of companies are looking to expand their social media presence, and they’re looking to our tech-savvy generation to help them do it. However, this one might take more than just submitting a resume online. Try reaching out to some small local businesses that don’t have a great web presence. You can help them refine their website and reach more customers in ways that they might never have considered.

6. Residence Hall Front Desk

Average pay: minimum wage

This one is pretty easy- you’re essentially getting paid to swipe ID’s, hand out packages, and let people into their room if they get locked out. Chances are that most days will be pretty slow, which will give you a chance to study, work on assignments, or watch Netflix. It's a great way to meet the people you're living with! You could also try the front desk at the library or the campus rec center.

7. Delivery Driver

Average pay: minimum wage + tips

If you have a car on campus, then you can a make a lot of money being a delivery driver. Tips are a huge bonus because cash is non-taxable income! A lot of companies will also reimburse you for gas expenses. You'll probably work the most during the evenings and the weekends and restaurants typically hire a lot of drivers, so you can choose the shifts that are convenient for you.

8. Bartender

Average pay: $9/hour + tips

If you have a little more room in your schedule to work, and if you’re old enough, consider being a bartender. It’s a great chance to meet a lot of new people and work near campus. You’ll make a lot of money in tips (especially on the weekends). You’ll also become everyone’s new favorite party guest with your knowledge of drink-mixing and cocktail creating.

9. Fitness Instructor

Average pay: $19+/hour

If you like to work out, why not get paid for it? Campus or local gyms are always looking for instructors to lead group classes like Zumba or cycling. Ask first if a certification class is required. Being an instructor will help boost your confidence in front of crowds and develop those ever important leadership skills.

10. Pet Sitter/ Dog Walker

Average pay: $15+/day

You get paid to play with animals!! What more could you ask for in a job? Again, ask around with your professors, your friend circles, or go on a site like People always need someone to walk their dogs while they're at work or to keep an eye on their pets when they're out of town. You can negotiate your own rates and it won't take much time out of your day.