10 Oldies But Goodie Albums
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10 Oldies But Goodie Albums

Don't Forget About These Ones!

10 Oldies But Goodie Albums
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Music moves so fast these days that things get lost in the mix. Just when I was starting to listen to 'Lemonade,' Drake released 'Views.' If Beyoncé and Drake read this article, which they probably will, I hope it will inspire them to put some more time between their album releases. You people need to give us peasants time to catch up.

I consider myself a music person. Nothing makes me happier than listening to a song that gives me goosebumps and transports me to a whole different place. There's a Pandora commercial out right now that hits the nail on the head. In the commercial, people are asked how a certain song makes them feel. Each person goes through the wave of emotions that the song stirred up. That commercial comes on at least four times during my Diner, Drive In's and Dives binges, and I tear up every time.

That being said, I'm not the best at staying up to date on new albums. Maybe it's my lack of motivation, but it usually takes me a couple weeks before I learn about a new album. In marketing terms, one could say that I'm a late adopter consumer. (I just finished a marketing class and I wanted to impress people with that term.) So here's a list of albums that you young whipper snappers might have got lost in the noise. Each of them are great, and just like that fateful Pandora commercial, they each mean something different to me. Some make me sad, some remind me of a certain weekend and a couple are just straight classics.

1. Cosmic Troubles-Faith Healers: Don't let the sort of creepy album art turn you off. This album is probably exactly what you want to hear. The year old album, still makes me want to smoke cigarettes in a bar while a beer you've never heard of.

2. 1000 Palms-Surfer Blood: Throw this on while you're driving to the beach with your group of friends in a Jeep with the top down. This is happy, feel good music for your soul.

3. Konk-The Kooks: Remember this one? No one has a gritty British accent like The Kooks' lead singer. Released in 2008, this album got me through my most angsty times. A special shoutout to the track, 'One Last Time.'

4. Elephant Shell-Tokyo Police Club: I distinctly remember listening to this song on my green iPod mini. This is one of those albums where you listen to it and somehow you know all the words to all the songs. I can't remember important things worth shit, but somehow I have this catalog of unnecessary lyrics.

5. Favourite Worst Nightmare- Arctic Monkeys: The Arctic Monkeys changed my life with this 2007 album. Do yourself a favor and listen to the whole thing, no skips or pauses. Guaranteed by the end you're going to want to live in London and wear leather jackets from Camden Market.

6. Carrie & Lowell- Sufjan Stevens: This album is beautiful. I end up in tears 9/10 times I listen to this masterpiece. Each song is so heartfelt and pure that it feels like a page ripped out of Sufjan's diary.

7. Songs for Imaginitive People-Darwin Deez: Listen to the whole album, but especially listen to 'Chelsea's Hotel' a personal favorite of mine.

8.Easy Tiger-Ryan Adams: Ryan Adams will always have a special place in my heart as the first man I've ever had a crush on. His honest lyrics on this album make you want to give him a huge never ending hug. Special shout out to 'Two.'

9. The Money Store-Death Grips: Caution only listen to this album if you're ready to head bang for like forty five minutes straight. This 2012 album is perfect for when you have a terrible day and you need to punch air in your room. Which is what I usually use it for.

10. What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?-The Vaccines: One of my favorite albums of all time. Some songs will make you want to call your ex, some will make you want to punch your ex directly in the face. An awesome roller coaster of emotions.

Listen to some of the tracks here!

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