10 Old Disney Channel Starts To Follow On Instagram
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10 Old Disney Channel Starts To Follow On Instagram

Are they really that old now?

10 Old Disney Channel Starts To Follow On Instagram

No longer are they on our favorite channels whether we watched Disney Channel. I truly miss Hilary Duff and remember Beans from Even Stevens. And what ever happened to Miranda from Lizzie McGuire?! Well here are some long lost Disney Channel Stars to follow on Instagram if you are having withdrawal.

1. Hilary Duff: Lizzie McGuire

You can find her @hilaryduff with her cuddly puppy or her adorable kids!

2. Moises Arias: Hannah Montana

He isn't a frequent Instagrammer but it's interesting to see what he's up to. Follow him @moisesarias.

3. Raven-Symone: That's So Raven

Currently she is a co-host for The View. And there has been talk that there may be a sequel to That's So Raven. Follow her @ravensymone.

4. Anneliese Van Der Pol: That's So Raven

@annaliesevanderpol is where you can find her. In 2007 she played Belle on Broadway for Beauty and the Beast.

5. Brenda Song: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Being an avid fan of Scandal, when she appeared I had a slight heart attack. Find her @brendasong.

6. Ricky Ullman: Phil of the Future

Oh goodness find him @ravivullman and he has turned into pure handsomeness.

7. Christy Carlson Romano: Even Stevens

@thechristycarlsonromano is so fabulous. She's pregnant and has the most adorable life.

8. Bella Thorne: Shake It Up

Find her @bellathorne. It's so interesting to see how much she has changed!

9. Jake T. Austin: Wizard's of Waverly Place

@jaketaustin has been on Dancing With The Stars!

10. Ashley Tisdale: High School Musical

@ashleytisdale looks like such a fashionista and it's so fun to follow her!

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