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    I am that girl that is constantly writing, whether it is about sports or life in general. I just think it is way to let free what we have to say. I have had an internship with The Florida Panthers, NHL team, in which I learned so much and experienced something every girl in sports journalism dreams of. I currently I work for, in which my boss Jess Ceresino has given me a great outlet to write about different stuff for game day including what to wear, foods & drinks along with some other stuff. I am so thankful to be a college ambassador for Jess Ceresino. I also do some life articles for The Odyssey, which is the Greek newspaper on campus. I hope that down the road I could work for ESPN as a sideline reporter and interview great athletes. I hope to be like my idols, Erin Andrews and Skipp Bayless who have their own opinions and their favorite teams but report the truth. I absolutely love to watch football seeing that I go to The University of Alabama but when it comes to NFL I root for the Dallas Cowboys. But when it comes to baseball, I love the Yankees because of "The Captain." Derek Jeter is the reason I love them and they are a team with class and tradition. I blame my dad because since I was little we would watch different sports documentaries and till this day he always brings me DVD's to watch and says, "study up." I started to get into hockey because of my internship with The Florida Panthers where I had the opportunity to venture out and become knowledgeable about something I really didn't think I would like but then turned out loving it. I love how fast hockey is and it is a great sport to watch in person. The number of times I have been asked, "where would you recommend sitting," is quite funny but I would say not too close to the glass so you could see every angle of the hockey game. But clearly everyone has their own preference. Some random facts about me that no one really knows is the fact that I am from Georgia but I was born in Miami, Florida. My favorite colors are turquoise and pink. I love to travel and hope that one day I can go to Italy and travel to other exquisite places. I like an adrenaline rush and hope that one day I can go skydiving and cliff diving. A fun fact is while I was in Belize I got to go on a four wheeler through the jungle. I also have been zip-lining across the ocean. These are probably some of the most fun things I have done. Another fun fact is I am a roller coaster junkie. My favorite would be Dueling Dragons at Islands of Adventure, where your feet dangle and it loops through another roller coaster. When people meet me though do I give them my full resume? Of course not but those are my dreams and goals. When people meet me this is what they get, "Hey, I am Victoria Martinez but I go by Tori. I am a junior at The University of Alabama and I am a Delta Zeta. You can find me drinking coffee and lots of tea and writing all the time and most of the time watching ESPN. And when I get free time playing with the cute puppies at the animal shelters." But if you want to find out more feel free to read my blog.

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