10 Of The Craziest Laws In North Carolina

I have always thought it was really interesting how different states looked at certain laws. I think it is intriguing how different topics can be looked at in a completely different light on one side of the country than they can be on the other. With this being said, I also find it very intriguing to look at the "silly" laws that each state has. I decided to look into the laws that are here in North Carolina, since that is the state in which I go to school, and these are the ten craziest laws that I found.

1. It is illegal to have an elephant plow a cotton field.

Because there are just so many elephants roaming around North Carolina, right?

2. It is illegal to sing off key.

Watch out drunk karaoke singers.

3. If an unmarried couple goes to a hotel and registers as guests, saying they are married, they are then considered married by law.

Oh yeah, of course. That makes complete sense. (No, no, it does not.)

4. A Bingo game cannot last longer than five hours (unless the game is held at the fair) and there may not be any alcohol present.

I am not sure anyone could survive a Bingo game that is this long so I applaud this law. As for the alcohol, obviously I wouldn't want any grandmas getting wild at Bingo night.

5. It is illegal to drive a car through city cemeteries for pleasure.

Well, there goes my favorite afternoon activity.

6. Happy Hour is illegal.

Does that mean that every hour is happy hour?

7. You can get a DWI on a horse.

That is such a shame because I just love riding my horse to the bars on Friday nights. It's such a great way to meet people.

8. You must pay a tax on all the illegal substances you have in your possession.

Wouldn't you get in trouble for saying that you had the illegal substances that you had to pay taxes on? It's a trap!

9. It is illegal to spit on the street.

It's also gross.

10. You cannot ride a bicycle without having both of your hands on the handle bars.

But, how else am I going to impress everyone with my one-handed bicycle riding and tricks?

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