Unpopular opinion: I don't like movies. At all. But there is a good number that I have learned to enjoy anywhere, anytime, and over and over again. Interestingly enough, they are not similar whatsoever, but each makes me glad to have watched it once it's over and I definitely don't get up and walk around in the middle of it. Here are, in no particular order, the movies that a movie-hater can enjoy.

1. Stuck In Love

I watch this movie all the time. It has so many sad parts, but also a large number of happy ones. This has so many perspectives on love whether they're romantic, platonic, or familial. It deals with the struggles of addiction and how it feels when a loved one goes through that. If you're not really feeling a movie, the soundtrack is also great and deserves a listen. Also, Nat Wolff and Logan Lerman are in it so if you just watch it for them, there is no judgment coming from me!

2. Home

This movie is so funny. It's not my favorite, but it's definitely up there. It's a cute story about aliens and humans interacting, but I don't want to give too much away, so go watch it! (I actually took a break from writing this article to watch this movie.)

3. Walk the Line

Johnny Cash had such an interesting life story and this movie displays it beautifully. I especially love how Joaquin Phoenix, who played the famous singer, actually sang in the film. He and Reese Witherspoon sounded amazing together and definitely did Johnny and June justice.

4. Would You Rather

It's not to say that I don't like scary movies, but I don't think I'd ever elect to watch one out of all the other genres. However, this is the exception. It's more creepy than it is scary and shows the lengths a sister would go to for her brother.

5. Robin Hood

I. Love. This. Movie. I'd like to take the time to apologize to every family member and friend that I have made sit with me and watch this. There are tons of morals to this classic tale, but I mainly like it for the animated foxes.

6. A Goofy Movie

So this one is one of my favorites because it reminds me of my brothers and it's one of the best movies to watch and laugh at with them. I'm sure it's a funny movie without my brothers, but it's much better with them.

7. Hercules

Hercules has so many great songs that I can't help singing along to. (I also apologize to everyone I have made watch this with me in the past and will make watch it with me in the future.) Plus, Megara's independence is truly inspiring.

8. Sleeping Beauty

Can you tell my obsession for animated Disney movies yet? I might even say that this is my favorite Disney movie. Sidenote: I'll ship Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora forever.

9. Catch Me If You Can

Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks are both incredible actors, so put them in a movie with a true story as the basis and what could go wrong? I can't find a flaw with this movie and I could watch it hundreds of times and never grow tired of it.

10. Rain Man

Like Dicaprio and Hanks, Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise are also amazing. The growth that Tom Cruise's character experiences through the movie is written so well and tells a great story of brotherly love.