10 Motivation Strategies

With the school year starting and classes kicking into full gear, I know finding motivation can be difficult. Classes can add a lot of unwanted stress. There are times during which you either start homework and get distracted, or you just don't start at all. I decided to try to help others be motivated with ten different motivation strategies I use.

1. Play a song that gets your blood pumping.

My personal favorites include "Eye of the Tiger" and "Thunder."

2. Make a plan for yourself.

Outline what needs to be done and the dates that they need to be done by.

3. Watch ONE episode of your favorite show.

I love binge watching as much as the next person, however, if you watch one episode and reward yourself with another one every so often, you have something to look forward to.

4. Eat your favorite snack while doing homework.

Eating a snack while you are studying or doing homework can help stimulate motivation, and it tastes good.

5. If you can, play acoustic music WITHOUT lyrics.

While listening to songs with lyrics, I can only focus on the song. I find it much easier to play instrumental music while doing homework so it is not dead silent, but you do not have to be distracted.

6. Have a study group.

Sometimes you hear people say it is hard to study with friends, but you can do it. Sometimes you have to be the friend that makes everyone focus. You can bounce ideas off of one another.

7. Make sure you know what your strongest habits are and embrace them.

If you know that using flashcards is the best way for you to study, then make them. If it is re-reading material, do it. Just make sure you know what your strength is and that you use it.

8. Reward yourself!

For me, this is the biggest thing. If you know that after one hour of studying, you can get a twenty or thirty minute break to watch your favorite show, then do it. Maybe you want to take twenty minutes to read. Whatever it is, have your version of fun.

9. Focus on the goal.

Most undergrad students have a goal of grad school. In my case, I want to go to law school. Some people want to go to business school or medical school. Whatever you want to do, keep the goal in mind, and remember that when you lack motivation.

10. Give yourself a pep talk.

This might sound a little weird, but look in the mirror and talk to yourself. Tell yourself that no matter how boring the homework might be, you need to do it, and you will do great. Make sure that you tell yourself how great you are, because you are amazing.

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