11 Life Lessons 'Boy Meets World' Taught Us
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11 Life Lessons 'Boy Meets World' Taught Us

I love you all. Class dismissed.

11 Life Lessons 'Boy Meets World' Taught Us

If you were born in the 2000's, you know the show "Girl Meets World" which revolves around young girls Riley and Maya. If you're a 90's baby, you know the show "Boy Meets World" which revolves around young boys Cory and Shawn. "Boy Meets World" was an iconic show that millions all over the world could relate to. We watched the characters deal with heartbreak, disappointment, bullies, parents, school, etc. Throughout the course of the show, these characters taught us lessons that would follow us through our lives. Here are some of the life lessons the cast of "Boy Meets World" left behind:

1. Be Yourself

As a child, Topanga was always considered a bit strange and never really fit in, but, that never stopped her from being herself. She always stayed true to who she was and soon she found someone who loved her just the way she was.

2. How To Pick Up Girls

Shawn was always the one to score dates for him and his best friend, Cory. Let's be honest, we all need a wingman at one time or another.

3. Follow Your Heart

Topanga and Cory had one of the MOST iconic relationships in all of television. They were on/off throughout the entire series and finally got married in the last season while they were in college. During this season, Topanga dropped the bombshell on Cory that her parents were moving to Pittsburgh and that she had to go with them. This broke Cory's heart only to find Topanga standing at his door after running away from home. It was a long and hard fight, but Topanga was finally able to convince her parents to let her live with her aunt so her and Cory could be together. They showed us that love is one of the strongest driving forces.

4. Physical Appearance is Second to Inner Beauty

When Cory was insecure about his hair, Topanga told him that "Physical Appearance is second to inner beauty." Cory couldn't see this at first but when Topanga went to the hair salon and got carried away, he was there to remind her what she first taught him. They were able to keep each other grounded and showed us that whats inside is far more important than what is on the outside and that your significant other will love you for you.

5. Everyone's Journey is Different

Cory's older brother, Eric, was always known to not do well in school. When this episode flashed forward, it showed where each character's journey took them. Even though Eric's journey was not as conventional as some of the others, he was still one of the wisest/funniest characters. It shows that our different experiences can shape who we are and that we are all destined for different things in life.

6. Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

When Eric was in High School, he was part of a "big brother" program where he spent time with kids in an orphanage. Eric and his 'brother' Tommy spent a lot of time together. They became so close that Tommy even asked Eric to adopt him. Eric was too young so unfortunately they had to say goodbye so Tommy could live with his new family. This hurt Eric but he knew he was doing the right thing. Saying goodbye is never easy but sometimes its for the best.

7. Parents Always Have Your Best Interest

Throughout the entire show, Amy and Alan have not always agreed with their children. When Topanga wanted to live with their family after running away from Pittsburgh, Amy was against it because she felt that it was unfair to pull Topanga away from everything she knew. When Topanga and Cory got engaged at graduation, she felt they were too young to be making such rash decisions. Even though Cory could not always see her point of view, she always had his best interest at heart. Parents only want to see their children live full and happy lives. Even though we can't always see their motive right away, we need to trust that they know us and wouldn't steer us in the wrong direction.

8. Drinking Doesn't Solve All Problems

When Cory and Topanga broke up, Cory had a difficult time coping so therefore he turned to drinking. He used alcohol to make himself feel better which in turn didn't. The moral of the story is that if you're feeling that bad, you should talk to someone rather than turning to illegal substances. Life throws you bumps in the road, don't take the easy way out. Work through it with the help of family and friends.

9. Teachers Really Do Care

My Feeny was one of the most iconic teachers ever on television. He was full of wisdom and advice that helped each character become the person they were. He was a strong character who helped shape the show and set the bar incredibly high for teachers everywhere.

10. Love Creates a Home

When Cory and Topanga were freshmen in College, they got married. After getting married, they had to find a place to live on very little money. Their apartment was small and gross but they worked together to make it a happy place for them to live in. The size and shape of your house doesn't matter. It is who you get to live with and the memories you make is what really matters.

11. Friendship is the Most Important Thing in Life

No matter what happens, friendship is most important. Your friends are there through all the tears, laughter, ups, and downs. "Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself".

Thank you for teaching us the secrets of life and for allowing us to grow up with you.

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