Foreword: I realize looking back now, that many of these inventions solve the first of world problems and no actual good is being done in the world of these inventions. But still, if any of these exist and are available for purchase, someone tells me. Or if anyone who reads this is an engineer, feel free to design, produce, and market one of these babies. You don't even have to give me the credit because I know how the saying goes, "Everyone dreams, engineers do." So I'm dreaming here that you'll be doing.

There are many excellent intriguing useful inventions. This list is not necessarily a collection of those things.

1. A way for your phone to scan your texts while you're napping to determine their importance, and then if they are deemed "People are making plans without me and I will have woken up after everything has been decided" level importance your phone will set of an alarm immediately.

2.Phones that never die, or phones that use movement to charge. I.e.: give that little thing a shake and it comes alive again. Advantage of this type of charging is that you can always shake your phone, (see if it were charged solarly there might not always be sun) but drawback it requires physical effort.

3. A quilt or duvet cover or comforter that changes temperature based on the temperature of your body. So this way if you start getting extremely cold in the middle of the night your blanket will realize that you stupidly forgot to turn on the heat and so will compensate with its warmness.

4. A way to be instantly dry as soon as you get out of the shower. Like maybe some sort of mass marketed huge fan that blasts you with a quick burst of warmish air and then you're 100p dry or maybe a lamp that you step under that evaporates the water from your skin.

5. A magic sunburn eraser. (this is a time sensitive issue) In the thrill of having an 79 degree day in February I got quite a strange sunburn that is particularly jarring because it is the middle of winter. I can deal with the pain but its the unsightly patches of red v white that really is bad.

6. Some sort of camera or maybe it could be a brain camera of sorts that takes a picture of exactly what you see. Phone or even real camera pictures sometimes really fail to capture the beauty of what you actually see. Maybe these pictures could only be viewed when wearing glasses that show the picture to reflect the full like 180ish view you see.

7. The ability to actually play music in your head. I would do so much better on tests if I could listen to music in my head whilst taking them. But then I suppose this brings up a question of academic integrity because someone could compose a song with all the answers and listen to it in their head whilst testing.

8. An actual cure for the common cold that zaps runny noses, dry coughs, and achy bones in one fell swoop.

9. A way for your PKW (phone keys wallet) to be bound to your body at times. Like perhaps your PKW all go into a little bag that magically shrinks them into the size of a postage stamp which then fuses to the back of your hand and then whenever you need them you can just press your finger into that square on the back of your hand and it'll be like the touch id on the iPhone and it will then unfuse from your skin, grow to normal size, and allow you to remove your belongings.

10. A drink that will replenish your sleep like Gatorade replenishes electrolytes. Ie your body literally thinks you have taken a 5 hour nap after each 8 ounce serving.

Anyone who knows how to make any of these please call me.