10 Instagram-Worthy Spots My Foodie Boyfriend Won't Stop Raving About

10 Instagram-Worthy Spots My Foodie Boyfriend Won't Stop Raving About

Brunch, dinner, and dessert in and around Long Beach

If you’ve never dated a foodie, like my boyfriend Demitri, it’s a delectable experience (plus, he's a fraternity foodie – a rare breed). Not only is his Instagram on point with pictures of what he’s eaten the night before, but he is always promising to take you on dates to all different types of restaurants, and sometimes, you actually do skip your regular Taco Bell detour, dress up nice, and drop serious money on sushi at a hole in the wall place you’ve never heard of. As we sat down “studying” one night (and by studying I mean me Pinterest-ing while he's listening to EDM and taking many Facebook breaks), I asked him about his favorite local spots, and he was happy to oblige.

Egg Etc.

The brunch place that he’s gone to many times without me (“We have to go there together”) is located at 6th and Redondo and closes daily at 2pm, making this a strictly Breakfast-time only sort of place. His favorites are the banana pancakes.

Megan: “That doesn’t have eggs in it.”

Demitri: “Nobut that’s what they’re famous for.”

Schooner or Later

Alongside the harbor where expensive sailboats float in the murky Long Beach water is Schooner or Later, where the line is long, but the food is worth it (not so much the drinks). My plan when going to a brunch place is to get real tipsy, and I barely felt anything after I ordered a watered down drink off their menu. However, the real star in Demitri’s eyes is the crab benedict with real crab instead of imitation.

“Nothing like real crab by the docks to make you feel rich AF.” – Demitri

The Attic

I don’t think there’s one person who has gone to the Attic that hasn’t raved about the Mac & Cheetos, which is mac and cheese topped with crumbled hot Cheetos and multiple options of add-ons like bacon, avocado, crab, and caramelized onions. It is for this reason alone I’ve wanted to visit it, but the expense and air of exclusivity has turned me off from the prospect. These things don’t phase Demitri, however, who says, “It’s really romantic, to be honest. Honestly, you could do the Mac & Cheeto’s yourselfbut you won’t.” Good point, and I’m actually pretty stoked about a romantic atmosphere that also involves childhood guilty pleasures.


This is where I held a surprise birthday party for the foodie himself. If you have a disposable income and would rather spend it on raw meat that you cook yourself at a restaurant versus raw meat that you cook yourself at home, this is the place to be. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love KBBQ – do all you can eat and get all your favorites here. Demitri suggests the flank steaks, which are “so bomb.”


Open at 11am daily, this Mexican restaurant is a favorite of Long Beach Yelp-er’s. Demitri recommends ordering the pork shank, a special not listed on the menu, and commented that one of his fraternity brother’s uncles’ own it – making it definitely “bomb” in his book.

I Luv Sushi

I have to admit, I’m a total sushi hater. I really, really do want to like it – but it’s so hard to stomach raw fish. Still, I manage to find something edible at sushi restaurants, and since this is SoCal, sushi and sushi lovers are everywhere, including the boyf. His favorites here are “the Sunset Roll, the Rainbow Roll, and everything else Megan hates.” At least he tries not to judge me real hard when I order a bowl of white rice at a place where rice is a part of every item on the menu.

Shin Sen Gumi

This has to be one of my favorite places this foodie has introduced me to. I never knew what I was missing before I had ramen, and now I truly crave it. Like any ramen place, the line is long, so prepare for some riveting discussion with your friends as you wait for a tiny table in this packed establishment. Since I’m a ramen novice, I generally let him order for me here, since there are so many specifications you can choose, including firmness of the noodle and strength of the broth. Demitri orders the hakata ramen with extra shashu pork and spicy misu. “F*cking amazing ramen,” he says.

Harbor House

This frat-guy-filled late night hang out is like the older, much cooler brother of Denny’s. Film posters and signs adorn the walls and arcade games are both inside and outside. This place comes alive at night, and I recommend ordering breakfast no matter what time you head here. The foodie recommends the Hobo Omelet, and says it’s “the best drunk food,” which I assume means that being drunk will help you only appreciate it more.


Foodies like expensive, but at Creamistry you really get what you pay for. You pick the base, the flavors, and extra toppings like nuts, fruit, etc, and they use liquid nitrogen to freeze it into your ice cream. Freezing cold clouds trickle out from behind the glass where they create your ice cream in front of you. Your order ends up thick and creamy – unless you can eat a lot of ice cream, I recommend a small size, since it ends up being rich in taste. Like the baller he is, Demitri recommends Cookie Butter flavor with a fudge brownie on the side.


One of our first dates was to this late night dessert stop, a popular spot with a frequently long queue outside where you can order their specialty flavored ice cream either by itself or inside a donut. You heard me. A donut. Technically, it’s a ‘milky bun,’ but it’s a glazed donut all the same, and flavors like Cookie Monster, Churro, and Milk and Cereal make for a unique tasting experience. Thai iced-tea in a milky bun is recommended, and Demitri says that Cookie Monster is “basic AF,” but I think you should try it at least once.

Have you tried any of these CSULB foodie favorites? Any you NEED to try? Share this article and tag the friends you want to drag along, or that special someone to give them ideas for your next date night. Happy munchies!

Cover Image Credit: creamistry

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8. "Which flavor's your favorite?"

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If you've ever said any of these things to an ice cream scooper, they probably made a joke about you to their coworker when you weren't looking. But it's okay, they immediately praised afterward as long as you tipped well. Ice cream scoopers are nice in nature, I swear. And they don't hold grudges!

Happy scooping!

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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