10 Guys We All Want Based Off of Favorite TV Characters
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10 Guys We All Want Based Off of Favorite TV Characters

The 10 types of guys we all dream about being with at least once.

10 Guys We All Want Based Off of Favorite TV Characters

1. The Nathan Scott

He's the perfect man. The athlete, Mr. Popular, and your high school sweetheart. He knew when he met you that you were going to be together forever. He built a perfect life with you. He's a loving husband and father who would do anything for you and his family.

2. The Jax Teller

We all have that little part inside of us that is craving of something dark, reckless, and dangerous. Jax will consume you with his raging passion and undeniable bad boy appeal. Life with him is filled with adrenaline, motorcycles, guns, and hot firey love. There is no denying the danger and fear that comes with a boy like this but it is worth it to hear him call you "darlin'" in that deep scratchy voice every day. Not to mention his perfect butt.

3. The Chandler Bing

He's the one that will make you laugh until milk comes out your nose and even though he is awkward and uncomfortable most of the time, when he has his moments, they sure are great ones. You won't even see that you're falling in love with him until it's too late and you're head over heels. His sarcasm and gawkiness are all a part of his charm, that you love.

4. The Jim Halpert

Even when you don't notice it, he is doing everything he can to make you happy. He will be your best friend if that is what you want. But he will love you unconditionally every second of every day, until you realize how much you love him. You are the most important thing in the entire world to him and he will make you feel so loved and so special every day for the rest of your life.

5. The Damon/Stefan Salvatore

Every one of us has had some desire to be apart of some supernatural romance and who better to have it with than someone like one of the Salvatore brothers. They will give you a love filled with so much passion and adventure that it consumes you. Now it's up to you to decide if the impulsive bad boy vampire, Damon, is more your type of the sweet romantic sensitive vampire, Stefan, is. Either way, dating a vampire is sexy, no matter what.

6. The Tim Riggins

Who doesn't love a little Texas country twang wrapped up in sexy muscles and a killer smile. A southern country boy is one thing everyone wants at least once. Not to mention a star football player! He's the loyal family man who will protect them at all costs. And that dirty mechanic look really looks good on him. Although he is rough around the edges, he knows just what to say to make your toes curl.

7. The Dr. Spencer Reid

Who doesn't love a cute dork with terrible social skills!? He may not be the most muscular, smoothest, or even most romantic guy out there but he has a good heart and his nerdiness is part of his charm. He will fill your day with intellectual conversations and challenge you in ways you never thought of.

8. The Chuck Bass

I mean, he is Chuck Bass. He's rich, successful, charming, and oh so mysterious. Your date nights would be lavish parties in fancy evening gowns and covered in diamonds. What girl doesn't dream of being waited on hand and foot, being given everything she ever wanted, all while being worshiped like a princess. Maybe not everyone but it doesn't sound that bad.

9. The Andy Dwyer

The one word to describe a life with someone like Andy is fun. He is just a big kid running around all hyped up on sugar and happiness. Every second is just one goofball thing after another. Your time together is care free and some what adventurous. Being with him is like being in Neverland with Peter Pan because neither of you ever have to grow up.

10. The Derek Shepard

He's the McDreamy. He's loving, brilliant, compassionate, and a flippin' brain surgeon. He will wait for you and love you every second of every day. He will build you a your dream house and your love will be envied by everyone you know. Also, if doctors just aren't your style just look at that smile and hair then reconsider.

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