Boys are like ice cream flavors... or at least they are in the mind of an ice cream-aholic! How many "flavors" have you met?

1. Cookies and Cream

Cookies and cream is every girl's dream guy and he knows it. You either have or have wanted to date a cookies and cream guy.

2. Coffee

The hipster, obviously.

3. Vanilla

The "basic white boy". He probably drives either a Land Rover or a BMW and is the stereotypical frat boy you know you shouldn't date.

4. Chocolate

This is the guy who says he's different but is still a player. He's got a little more depth than vanilla guy, but still "basic".

5. Butter pecan

(Pronounced peh-kahn, of course) is a classy guy who parents and even grandparents love. He's been dating the same girl for 5 years and is everyone's relationship goals.

6. Mint chocolate chip

The super popular guy who is athletic and makes you feel cool by being near him.

7. Cotton candy/Bubblegum

The funny class clown who always makes you laugh and is still a middle-schooler at heart.

8. Rocky road

The "too cool for school" guy who is nothing but trouble, hence "rocky road".

9. Strawberry

He's just an average guy, but there's something about him. He's really sweet and rarely single.

10. Fro-yo

The guy who's always working out and always telling everyone about it.

...And lastly, my favorite!

I'm still waiting for my cookie dough guy. This is the guy who makes you laugh without trying and makes everything fun. Your friends love him almost as much as you do because who doesn't love cookie dough?!?