Being a guitarist is a lot of work. Practice, practice, gigs, more rehearsal, and, you guessed it, more practice. But, when it comes to admiring different guitars, it is a world of beauty. Through my different explorations of the internet, I have compiled a list of 10 awesome guitar manufacturers/luthiers who make guitars that literally rock.

Prisma Guitars

Nick Pourfard, a self trained guitar maker, started Prisma guitars as a way to upcycle used skateboards. He is based in San Francisco, California and makes absolutely amazing guitars. He uses very high quality parts with his guitars and every one that he makes is one of a kind since every color on the blocks of skateboards he uses is different. Prisma makes pretty sweet sounds and is great for someone who is looking for something unique and local.

Banning Guitars

When you combine epic guitars and make them into a truly unique artistic creation, that is something worth recognizing. Banning guitars started when Jason Banning creating these as a hobby that soon grew into a business and an amazing trade. His effort has truly paid off. When I first saw these guitars, I was immediately captivated because of the hybrids and combination of styles of other guitars that make something very stylish. Above is the Heartbreaker model, which combines the telecaster shape with a Rickenbacker style and setup. Truly something to admire.

Swope Guitars

After working at several different guitar manufacturers, Chris Swope started his own business and created these amazing guitars. Starting with the Geronimo, Swope is slowly growing into a force to be reckoned with. With great tone and amazing style, these guitars have a modern tone with a classic look. After releasing two new models earlier this year, Swope is beginning to make a huge mark and soon to become a favorite.

Rhoney Guitars

Paul Rhoney, a passionate luthier, makes these sweet guitars. Having a huge variety of styles and shapes, Rhoney does not fall short of incredible. “The goal is never to recreate popular sounds, but to be inspired by them to find new, memorable and distinct tones. I am relentless in pursuit of this exact experience for players. Every inch of the guitar is considered.” says Rhoney from his website. It is true that every piece of the guitar is looked at and carefully crafted to the utmost detail.

Scero Guitars

Another classic master series, Scero guitars also pays attention to the guitars it makes. All guitars in their shop are handmade from the highest quality materials. They already have several different models that look like they came straight out of the groovy 60’s with some really great looking colors. Shown above is the Meastro MKII.

Becker Guitars

If martians had guitars, I would be sure they would have a full set of these. Becker Guitars are some radically good guitars, with the HeadHunter model shown above. These guitars seem to make a statement all by themselves. With a simplified setup and some futuristic tones, these guitars have all that it takes to send off anything out of this world.

Moniker Guitars

Now if you want to explore the different customization options and make a guitar that literally has your name carved into it, look no further than Moniker Guitars. Having a wide range of options to choose from, one has the opportunity to explore what kind of guitar one may want. If a decision cannot be reached, moniker also has a premium line of pre-made guitars for you to choose from, including this one, the Black Limba Reedsdale DC, a one-of-a-kind guitar that is hard to beat.

Kauer Guitars

Another offset and snazzy looking guitar, Kauer has a variety of models with high-quality custom parts and all-around goodness. With the very sleek profile of the guitars they build, this is a very classy addition to any player’s setup. Shown above is the Express supreme, with some snazzy pickups and very smooth fretboard inlays.

TK Smith Guitars

A custom-made guitar shop unique to many on this list, TK Smith custom makes most of the things in his shop and adds a Western-style twist with every guitar he builds. Here is the Smith Special, a custom guitar that really catches looks for its very unique profile and the natural look it has compared to other guitars that are available for modern players.

Frank Brothers Guitar Co.

The final one on our list is the Signature Model guitar from the Frank Brothers. Three brothers, following in a family legacy, decide to take on guitar manufacturing and create a guitar that is as versatile as it is classic. Combining many styles from different models previous to this one, this model has yet to come out onto the public market, but you can reserve one on their website. Make sure to check in with these bros periodically to see what new things they have up their sleeve.

All images are property of the respective manufacturers and are only used for the purposes of this article.