​10 Things That Make Getting Sick In College The WOAT
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​10 Things That Make Getting Sick In College The WOAT

You thought getting sick at home was bad.

​10 Things That Make Getting Sick In College The WOAT
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It is inevitable to not get sick every once in a while. Every single time, it seems as though it’s the worst time ever. Getting sick at home is bad, but there’s something much worse looming over you: getting sick while at college. College is a very different environment and being sick here presents a very unique set of challenges.

1. You immediately want to skip class, but can’t

Back in high school, you could skip a day of school for being sick with very few repercussions. In college, every class has its own strict attendance policy. It is so risky to even miss one class. I missed one single class last week because I was sick and my grade dropped from 100 to 83. Professors don’t mess around. You better have the plague if you’re considering skipping class.

2. You won’t want to do anything, but you must

The grind don’t stop. By the grind, I mean crippling amounts of homework. You won’t feel like doing anything, but it is literally such a challenge to skip even a night of homework without being pitifully behind afterward.

3. Naps are a luxury few can afford

This is the only thing you will want to do. However, there are few opportunities to take a nap that will not completely screw your schedule over. Rest in peace.

4. You will always get sick in the most inconvenient times

Got a performance coming up? Count on being sick. Exams? Definitely will be sick. Presentation that counts for 98% of your grade? You will most certainly be without a voice. A really good party? You will be sitting that one out. Illness somehow knows when you’re going to be the most inconvenienced by its visit.

5. Medical care is very limited

You might have a medical center on campus, but odds are, your dorm is nowhere near it. There is also very low motivation to get out of bed on those kinds of days. If you actually manage to make it out of bed for class, there is no possible way you’re dragging yourself to the medical center as well.

6. Convenience stores are not as convenient

You might have to drive or walk or take a bus to get to any kind of store that would sell medicine that might actually help you. When you’re sick, motivation is very low to go acquire this.

7. Medicine is expensive as heck

If you actually manage to get to the store, congratulations. Now you’re faced with the reality of incredibly expensive medication and very low bank funds. Go generic and rest in peace.

8. You don’t want to get your roommates sick, but you will

Some of you may have roommates that you wouldn’t be too upset if you got them sick, but for those like me, my roommates are lovely angels from the best parts of the earth. It is almost inevitable to not get those living in such close proximity sick. You will try, but you will not succeed.

9. You will crave inaccessible things

Death will be the first craving that hits you. Guaranteed. After that, you’ll want all sorts of comfort foods from home or from incredibly expensive or inaccessible venues. Treat ya self if able, though. It’s gonna be a long period of illness.

10. It will last much longer than necessary

Even if it’s three days, you are under the weather for much longer than necessary. You will wake up every day with the hope that today will be the last day and you will be disappointed more times than not.

Getting sick sucks, but getting sick in college sucks worse. Hold on tight, drink a lot of fluids, get to sleep on time, and power through it. It won’t last forever.

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