If you are an equestrian and you do not know who George Morris is, are you really an equestrian? The famous trainer, coach and practically the founding father of hunt seat equitation has quite the reputation for being well, blunt with his words and not caring who gets offended. I guess that may be why they say riding and showing is just as much mental as it is physical. Incase you are not sure who Mr. Morris is, here are 10 pictures that show why we love him!

1. He might be a coach and trainer, but he has a knack for hair styling. That is, as long as a hair net is involved.

2. He keeps us in reality, of course we know fairies are not real!

3. Who needs to yawn anyway? Riding horses is not yawn worthy!

4. Not everyone deserves a trophy, this isn't little league!

5. Not only is he a great trainer, he also gives relationship advice!

6. He's willing to help any way he can, even if it means breaking a bone, your bone.

7. Criticism simply comes easy for him, you might even say he's creative!

8. He constantly reminds us that appearance does matter.

9. Also isn't afraid to say "put down the fork."

10. He gives credit where it is due, most of the time it's to the horse.

If you do not love George and his sassy intelegence after seeing these, then you're wrong.