College students are master procrastinators. We could make a legitimate career out of this if such a career existed. I have noticed myself falling into a procrastination pit of despair and I thought I would compile a list of things that I find completely enamoring when I am attempting to avoid all responsibility.

1. Swiffer-ing

Wet mopping or dry sweeping? You can do both with the Swiffer Sweeper! How dandy! Of course you have to take advantage of this modern technology!

2. Planning your life

That planner that you usually don't look at? Oh yeah, it's super important. You should write down everything you plan to do in the next month, complete with times, before you forget!

3. Updating your computer

Oh, the new operating system is going to take an hour to update? Well, you have to do it eventually and you don't want to get stuck doing it when you have something really important to do! Definitely get that pesky update out of the way now!

4. Doing dishes

Well, that cup that hasn't been washed in 6 months is surely dirty and probably moldier than you'd like to admit, but there's no time like the present to clean that nasty beverage holder!

5. Googling videos of glass blowing

Why, you ask? Why not?

6. ROYGBIV-ing your underwear drawer

You don't have to work at a lingerie store to want drawers that look just as sexy as what is in them. Go ahead and rainbow the hell out of that thing!

7. Going through old photos

This is fun anyway, but you can go WAY back in time now because you might forget the next time your family is around.

8. Calling family members that you haven't talked to recently

You were going to call them eventually, but why not do it now when you have your 10+ page paper to complete in 5 hours?

9. Shaving

Those legs resemble Chewbacca more and more every day, ya nasty! Go shave them before you start making weird noises.

10. Checking Facebook

That same article that shows up at the top of your newsfeed every single time you refresh the page? Read it. Read it again. And again. And again...