10 Friends Memes That Accurately Describe Your Winter Break
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10 Friends Memes That Accurately Describe Your Winter Break

Finals are over! Time to celebrate with relatable memes!

10 Friends Memes That Accurately Describe Your Winter Break

For most people, It's finally Christmas break. It's a time of great happiness. After you study and stress all semester, you are rewarded with a month off. The break gives you plenty of time to relax and be lazy! It's wonderful!

While some of us like to sleep the break away, others like to binge watch television shows they miss out on while studying all semester. My favorite show is Friends.

Here are some memes from Friends that will describe your Christmas Break perfectly!

1. When you just can't seem to care about doing anything.

The semester really stresses us out! Some of us completely shut down when we finally get a break. I'm definitely one of them!

2. When television is life.

You probably spend a lot of your days in bed, watching television, and eating snacks. You won't be able to do that again until the spring, so you enjoy it while you can. Books, my tablet, and my bed are my best friends this time of year!

3. When you finally get time to hang out with friends.

Let's just all admit---we're big children on the inside! Having our friends around brings out our silly side. It's always good to goof off with someone when you've been stressing out.

4. When someone mentions your GPA, finals, or any grades you made and you have to joke about it.

Of course we cringe inside! It's Christmas break! We don't want to discuss the grades we made. Let's all agree to move on, okay? We don't need another reason to cry over grades.

5. When you gain weight and start to notice.

Of course the break is the perfect time to gain weight. All you do all day is sit around and eat! The hard part is when you start to realize just how much you have gained. It's okay, school will be back in soon and you'll shed those pounds in no time!

6. When friends begin to ask you about the next semester.

Can't we have just a few weeks without having to think? We still have a whole month before we need to think about next year! Don't stress until you have to, am I right?

7. When your brain is fried.

You literally can't even! Time to take a month long nap! Who's with me? See you in the New Year!

8. Getting exam grades back and seeing your final grade.

Well, at least it's over, right?

9. When your pet comforts you.

No matter how many tests we fail, and no matter how badly we do, our pets will always love us.

10. Stress eating.

I stress eat so much during exams! Chocolate is the perfect solution to any problem, right? It tastes so good when you feel bad.

While sometimes it's easy to be stressed, take a deep breath and realize you get a few weeks off to be stress free! Enjoy your time and always stay ready to jump back into the books in the New Year!

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