10 Amazing Lush Products That AREN'T Bath Bombs
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10 Amazing Lush Products That AREN'T Bath Bombs

While bath bombs get all the glory, Lush has some other amazing products, too!

10 Amazing Lush Products That AREN'T Bath Bombs

Around this time of year everyone is starting to Christmas shop. (Unless you actually have your life together and do it throughout the year like an adult. I have yet to reach this level of togetherness, yet.) One of my favorite places to buy gifts for the ladies (and dudes who want to smell amazing) in my life, is Lush Cosmetics. Lush doesn't just refuse to test animals for their products, they actively come against it. All of their products are 100% vegetarian, use ethically sourced materials and are handmade using minimal packaging. Lush's popularity has soared recently due to their fabulous bath bombs that create your bubble bath into a literal work of art, but they have tons of other amazing natural products to relax with, too! While there are holiday themed seasonal products, I included mostly my tried-and-true favorites because the seasonal themed items sell out super fast. Here are just a few of my all time favorite items from Lush besides their colorful bath bombs just in time for the holiday gifting season:

1. Mint Julips Lip Scrub

This stuff is amazing. I have really chapped, flaky lips because I constantly bite them when I'm nervous, and this scrub magically makes them smooth and soft again. Bonus: It tastes like mint chocolate chip. They also have flavors like bubblegum, cola and caramel popcorn!

2. Magic Wand Bubble Bar

Not only is it cute, it is vegan and smells fantastic. This is a reusable bubble bar that you simply swirl under the running water to create mountains of sweet smelling bubbles. One of my favorites but they sell out of these very fast!

3. Rose Jam Bubbleroon

Okay. The name is 'BUBBLEROON' for crying out loud. How can you not buy it?! It's a bubble bar in the shape of an adorable macaron. But, if you needed convincing, this has shea butter icing in the middle that makes your skin super soft. It smells like roses and vanilla.

4. The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar

This is seasonal, but it is just too cute to share. This little guy creates blue bubbles and has a citrus scent.

5. Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

If you can't tell, I'm kinda into bubble bars. They're the bubbly, skin softening cousin to bath bombs and they are great. This one smells very sweet and yummy. And all I can think of when I see its name is "Candy mountain, Charrrlieee!" If you get the reference, we can be friends.

6. Snowie Bubble Bar

David Bowie in Snowman bubble bar form. Enough said.

7. Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

This one has a cute little flower on it and smells SO GOOD. It's super sweet and vanilla scented.

8. Oatifix

My all time fave face mask. These are so fresh they are stored in a fridge and you have to purchase them in store. If you have dry skin, this banana-y mask is the one for you.

9. Love Lettuce

This scrubby fast mask is perfect for my sensitive skin.

10. BB Seaweed

This mask is extremely calming, but has a slight gentle scrub. Favorite!

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