10 Fall Favorites for the basic girl

​10 Fall Favorites For The Basic Girl

Fall is the time where the leaves change color, the air gets cooler, and EVERYTHING becomes pumpkin flavored.


Whenever the season changes from summer to fall it's almost necessary to redecorate the interior of your house and get all new candles. There even comes the point where you change out the summer shorts and tanks for the sweaters and boots.

To be ready for the fall this year, here's a list of everything you're going to need to be cozy and feel at peace with yourself.

1. Fall-Scented Candles

The apple pie, the hazelnut cream, the delicious flavors of fall. Lighting one of these savory candles will have your house feeling so cozy and warm and smelling amazing.

2. Over-sized Sweater

A new season is a perfect excuse for shopping. Over-sized sweaters are literally perfect for being comfy or cute or both at the same time.

3. Halloween Candy

You don't have to go trick or treating to get the goods. Honestly one of the upsides of being an adult, I can buy a whole bag of assorted Halloween candy and NOT give it out to any kids. All mine, bye.

4. Hot Caffeinated Beverages

Iced coffee, take a seat. It's time for all the hot drinks to warm my hands as I walk briskly to class. Also a good excuse to buy a new coffee tumbler in the name of treating yourself.

5. Over-the-Knee Boots

To complete your over-sized sweater look, throw on some of these long boots to keep your legs warm and be killing it with your outfit.

6. Soup

Whether it be classic chicken noodle, or something new and interesting you tried on Pinterest the season of Autumn is the season for soup. It's warm, usually low calorie(bonus), and it just makes your soul feel good.

7. Slow-Cooker

Since we're talking about food, it's about time you just go ahead and leave that crock pot out on the counter and get the most use out of it.

Slow-cooker meals are perfect for the days spent lounging inside and watching movies to avoid the weather. Is there anything better than a dump-and-bake recipe that you barely need to lift a finger for??

8. Fleece Blanket

Seriously though, for like $10 at Wal-Mart you can get a new fleece blanket to survive the coming cold days. There is really no better feeling than wrapping up in a ~new~ fleece blanket.

9. Fall Wreath

How else are your neighbors going to know that you are in full-swing Autumn mode? Hang one of these pretty boys up on the door and spread the beauty of fall colors to every passerby.

10. Beanie

It's the perfect accessory to keep heat from escaping your body and hide the fact that maybe you haven't showered today. No judgement here. A cute beanie is just what you'll need for the final tailgates of the season and surviving windy walks to class.

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15 Songs Perfect For Snuggling On A Rainy Day

Songs that probably haven't heard, but should.

Everyone already knows what is up; autumn. You know what that means? IT'S SNUGGLE SEASON, Y'ALL. So I've got you covered with not 1, not 2, but 15 perfect songs for snuggling with your boo.

1. "Turning Page", Sleeping at Last

This song will be sure to make you want to be in love this fall time. This singer's raspy voice singing words about the girl he loves will melt your heart into a big ole' puddle. It's okay, just cuddle it out.

2. "Dreaming of You", Cigarettes After Sex

This lazy, hazy type of song is perfect to snuggle up to, the singer's calming voice and the chill music in the back... a religious experience almost.

3. "Somewhere Only We Know", Keane

The tune right here is more of an upbeat one, but still great to sit by a fire or cuddle. Maybe even go throw on some rain boots and a rain jacket and go exploring in the woods with your "boo". Ha, get it?

4. "Hourglass", Catfish and the Bottlemen

This song is a bit explicit, so listen at your own risk. Man, this song is so sweet though and the acoustic-type vibe is perfect for a chilly, rainy fall day with your man/lady.

5. "Ceilings", Local Natives

You want a song to give you chills and frickin' shake you to the core? The artist's voice is the LOVELIEST THING IN EXISTENCE! So if you have not listened.... go listen, you're welcome.

6. "Open Season", High Highs

The guitar in the opening and then the pretty voice coming in is really just...pristine for a good ole' rainy day tune. I'm realizing that a lot of songs I've chosen have male singers with pretty voices? I'm hardly sorry.

7. " Flightless Bird, American Mouth", Iron & Wire

MAN this song just gets me feelin' some type of way and I hope that I can introduce someone to this song for the first time and make them feel some type of way. Again, the singer's voice is just so smooth, fine like wine.

8. "I Would Do Anything for You", Foster the People

This tune right here is a bop, more of an upbeat, electronic type feel to it. Foster the People is better known for "Pumped Up Kicks", but here's a little gem you may not have known about!

9. "Dizzy on the Comedown", Turnover

This song has an amazing vibe to it, the tone of it just makes you feel so chill and relaxed. Add it to a playlist to cuddle with your boo to, thank me later.

10. "Linger", the Cranberries

An oldie but a goodie, this 90s song by this rock band is more of a contemporary song, with a chill feel to it and lyrics about love. "You know I'm such a fool for you,", what a cute frickin' line, man.

11. "Social Sites", Cosmo Pyke

This alternative song is another tune that's fit perfect for a rainy day, either snuggling up in bed or walking around campus watching the leaves getting covered in rain. But hey, maybe I'm just a sucker for walking around campus on gloomy days.

12. "Get You", Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis

A more popular song in this list, I'm sure many people have heard this song so I won't explain it besides saying dang....what a good song.

13. "You Are the Right One", Sports

This song has more of a funky beat to it but definitely feels fit to be a song to cater to your rainy day cuddle needs. Again, great for any day but wow, those rainy days, yeah?

14. "Space Song", Beach House

Another more popular song in my list if you listen to alternative/indie music, but the ambient vibe to this song will for sure make you wanna just lay in bed with a bunch of blankets or maybe even a human being, your call.

15. "Once You Know", Good Morning

The smooth voice of the singer in this song really just is like coffee on a cold morning, the music is beautiful and never fails to give me chills. So I saved my personal favorite for last. Although the rest were in no particular order, I wanted to really end it with a bang. So here's a song that you probably have never heard but need to.

There you go! 15 songs that you may have never heard before but now you have. Feel free to give them a listen and change your life.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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