10 Essentials Every College Student Needs

Since I just finished my first semester of college, you could say I'm kind of an expert on the topic. I've learned a lot of things throughout the first half of the year, but most importantly what items in my dorm room I treasure the both. Here's my list, which you should add to your college packing list:

1. Britta Water Pitcher

My Britta is my best friend. You never know what's floating around in the pipes of your dorm building.

2. Headphones

Obviously I don't like to bother my roommate, but I do like to Netflix binge and this allows me to continue doing so. Also, walking to class isn't that bad when you can have a little jam sesh.

3. Mugs

Like any other college student, I'm very sleep deprived and reliant on caffeine. I like to snuggle in my bed with a cute mug of tea after a long day of class.

4. USB Converter

Since laptops are getting more advanced as the years go on, the USB converter allows me to still charge my phone with my computer while having the latest technology.

5. Succulent

While this might seem silly to you, my succulent is cute without the hassle of having to water it. It's nice having something alive in my room at all times when after class I can be a little dead inside.

6. Speaker

Nothing better than jamming in the shower or in your room.

7. Robe

You don't want to be that person sprinting back to their dorm in their towel after a shower. Also, this is a comfy piece of clothing that should be in everyone's wardrobe.

8. Command strips

Your dorm decorations are gonna keep falling off the wall throughout the semester, so it's a good idea to have some extra strips laying around for easy reapplication.

9. Shoes

But more specifically...shoes you don't mind getting dirty. Seriously, when you go out you never know what's on the floor of the frat party or bar you're at.

10. Jersey

I guarentee you will end up at a jersey themed party at some point in your college career, so it's better to be prepared.

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