Top 10 Best Deals & Discounts For College Students
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Student Life

Top 10 Best Deals & Discounts For College Students

As a generation struggling financially, these deals help more than you'd think.

Top 10 Best Deals & Discounts For College Students

As a college student, you are sure to be seriously lacking money. Any discount or deal can help tremendously when preparing for college or trying to survive throughout the school year. Check out these ten best deals and discounts for college students!

10. Student Advantage Cards

Student Advantage Cards can be purchased for $22.50 annually and offer discounts on dozens of national brands. If you frequent the discounted stores, this card may end up paying for itself!

9. 10% off your everyday purchase at Jo-Ann Fabrics

Students aged 14-25 can receive a Student Discount Card to receive this deal.

8. Museum discounts

Most museums offer discounts for students, and some even give free admission to those in school.

7. 15% off your regular-price purchase at J. Crew

Bring your photo I.D. in-store or use your .edu email address online to receive this discount.

6. Barnes and Noble textbook rentals

Barnes and Noble offers various discounts on new and used textbooks for students, as well as a textbook rental system. Check with B & N before you spend ridiculous amounts of money on textbooks you may not even use.

5. Free drink at Chipotle with your purchase

Just bring your student ID to your next Chipotle run and receive a free drink. Cool! (Be sure to check with your local store, as this deal is not guaranteed everywhere.)

4. Various Apple discounts

Being a student can offer you several discounts when buying from Apple, such as $200 off a MacBook under education pricing. Always check Apple's offers before purchasing your new technology! (Other technology companies offer discounts as well.)

3. 20% off your entire Goodwill purchase on Tuesdays

There is absolutely no shame in shopping at Goodwill as a college student, and you may actually find yourself there more than you expect, buying ugly sweaters for a Christmas party or browsing the used Halloween costumes ten minutes before your dorm's trick-or-treat. Whatever the case, if you save your shopping for Tuesdays, you can get a pretty good discount.

2. Various movie theater discounts

AMC, Regal Theaters, Cinemark, and other theaters offer discounts for students, such as a Student Day during the week in which tickets are cheapter for students. Check with your local theater to see what deals you can take advantage of!

1. Free 6-month Amazon Prime trial for students with a .edu email address.

This deal is too sweet not to pass up. Amazon Prime offers free 2-day shipping, instant access to movies and TV shows, unlimited music streaming, and more. Go get your free prime trial today!

Whether you regularly make purchases at any of the above retailers or not, student discounts are common but often hidden from the consumer. Make a habit of asking an employee wherever you go whether their establishment offers discounts for students. It's worth the trouble; saving even a little bit of money definitely does not go unnoticed in the eyes of a college student.

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