10 All-Too-Real Confessions of A Clinical Lipstick Junkie

10 All-Too-Real Confessions of A Clinical Lipstick Junkie

My name is Becca and I have a problem.

My name is Becca Steele, and I have a problem. I am a beauty addict, specifically a lipstick junkie.

Okay, maybe not Selena extreme, but very close.

My obsession with lipstick was born from my mom always told me I needed to always wear a little something on my lips so I usually had a nice neutral gloss on. My first like nice lipgloss was Sexpot by TooFaced and it was a lip plumping gloss…. oh the mems.

I was also a dancer and in theatre growing up so I learned the importance of making your lips pop on stage. I always adored wearing bright red lipstick during show season but never pursued the looks beyond the stage.

That is, until I got to college. I had the transcendental epiphany that most college kids have: new year, new school and a new me. I wanted to wear lipstick confidently and fashionably. Thus an addiction began, like a phoenix from ashes.

As a loud and proud lipstick junkie I know that there are others out there, hello I follow hella beauty blogs on Youtube and I thought I’d give a little shoutout to 10 things my fellow junkies can relate too.

Confession 1: The price of the lipstick doesn't matter. If it does the job so I can serve the look, it’s worth it.

No, I do not mean I am spending hundreds of dollars on one lipstick but I am also not a brand snob and appreciate quality lipsticks over quantity lipstick. Brands and prices aside, a nice lipstick that you can wear confidently is worth it.

Confession 2: I wear lipstick 6/7 days of the week and I have switched colors during the day.

It doesn’t matter what I’m doing or where I am going, I will have lipstick on. Trip to the gym, lipstick. Studying in the library, lipstick. Going to the farmer’s market, lipstick.

Confession 3: My “me time” is spent watching lipstick swatches as well as trying them on for myself.

I love a good lipstick swatch video. For one thing, you learn a lot about the chemistry of product color and natural body color. By that I mean, not every color is for every skin tone. Take me for example, I can’t wear any yellow based colors like oranges or reds that have that yellow tone. Peach shades and different variations of pink are always tricky for me.

Confession 4: When people ask me for help finding colors, my heart skips a beat.

There is nothing like putting on a fresh lipstick and feeling confident in your own skin. To be able to help others feel that way makes me even happier. I live for helping my friends, family and sometimes strangers (it’s happened twice) find what they’ve always been looking for.

Confession 5: New releases of lipsticks are the equivalent to the joy of Christmas or my birthday.

It feels like Christmas every time a makeup brand launches a new collection, colors, or formula. Currently, Kylie Cosmetics is always droppin’ new shades on us, Jeffree Star dropped a collection of stunning colors for the holidays as well as his Star Family Box set and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Line is dropping hella colors this December.

Confession 6: I would totally get lip fillers if it made my lipstick look better.

Truthfully if it meant that my lipstick would look even more poppin' I would totally get a little lip filler done. Currently, I am satisfied with the look of my lips and also my bank account can’t support that kind of surgery/upkeep. Look out Kylie there could be a new sheriff in town.

Confession 7: I’m on that Ulta Reward Points and that Sephora VIB game.

A true junkie can’t resist the ability to gain points, get deals and be in on what’s happening/what is to come. Sometimes you get what you need at Ulta sometimes you get it Sephora. I’ve had fantastic finds in both.

Confession 8: Kissing is a hassle for lipstick, not the other way around.

Still in search for the kissable lipstick that doesn’t move or stain the guy that I’m kissing (they aren’t a huge fan of that). But sometimes you have to make a sacrifice and if the lipstick must be ruined, then so be it.

Confession 9: Sometimes you have to buy a lipstick simply because it is cool. You might wear it once but still, you HAVE to have it.

Literally, there are so many adventurous colors out there that sometimes you just have to buy them. Jeffree Star has literally created so many interesting ones including one that is a pure gold color called “First Class” and a gorgeous teal color called “Mermaid Blood”. These colors are stunning and I want them just to have them.

Confession 10: There is power in a well lined Cupid’s Bow.

The Cupid’s Bow is the main focal point of the lips. If you hit the mark on your cupid’s bow it will not matter what lip you are wearing it will be poppin’ and you will serve looks. Be gracious when you line it you can always extend them to give an illusion of a deeper bow or a bigger top lip.

Cover Image Credit: Becca Steele

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I Love My Tattoos--And Yours

I love my tattoos. And I love yours. So don't be ashamed of them. Never be ashamed of yourself or your art.

I love my tattoos. Everyone who has them says this--well, mostly everyone--but it's still so true. I love how they represent my life and the experiences I've had and that led me to getting them. They remind me of people and events that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

I haven't experienced the stereotypical judgement about my tattoos (unless you count my mom giving me a look when I talk about them). I've never been scolded or told I'm ridiculous for choosing to have these permanent pieces of art on my body. If anything, I've been complimented for them. I've even been called brave for having them.

There is an element of bravery in getting tattoos. For one, you have ink injected in your skin by many tiny needles which is not the most comforting feeling in the world. For some, it's the most painful experience in the world. For me, it was almost like nothing. Believe it or not, I almost took a nap while I was getting my first one which is on my ribs--which might say a lot about my pain tolerance. However, I don't think you should be considered brave for getting a tattoo. It's not as if you've completed a gargantuan task that we all have to go through in life.

But then again, I do think the bravery comes from the comments you're confronted with afterwards. Sometimes people can be fascinated and genuinely intrigued by your tattoos as well as their meaning. Yet there are also the people who just mean to be assholes. You get comments such as "don't you know those are permanent" and "wow so how much are you going to spend to get those removed". Your mom might comment "how are those going to look when you get older?" as if that's going to be at the forefront of her thoughts when you reach your next birthday.

But at the end of the day, I don't regret my tattoos. Sure I got them all within a year but I've known how I wanted to decorate my body since I can remember. I don't regret the time and money it took for them to appear on my body because they are reminders of what I have accomplished and overcome in my life. They will remind me of the places I've been and where my home will always be. They remind me to be strong and have faith in everything whether it be religious or not. They remind me that I have a passion that fuels me every day and that my story is never over. Sometimes they feel like a little secret and it delights me that I can see them while others can't.

If anything, my tattoos are representatives of who I am as a person. They are my art and they've always been a part of me even before they were created. And if my future children want tattoos as a way to express themselves, I'll definitely support them. It would be hypocritical of me not to but also I don't want to stifle their way of creative expression.

I love my tattoos. And I love yours. So don't be ashamed of them. Never be ashamed of yourself or your art.

Cover Image Credit: reverseatatt

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What I Learned About Millennials And Makeup

What This Generation X Gal Learned in Her 40’s.

Millennials and Make-up: What This Generation X Gal Learned in Her 40’s

During my years in graduate school, I was one of three women in Generation X. These women, albeit amazing and wonderful, were family women, attached and often times, difficult to get to know. I found myself, begrudgingly, focusing on making friends with women in their early 30’s. To my surprise, these Millennials had much to offer. Although they would often seem distant or aloof, once I got to know them, their vulnerability was palpable. They saw me, not as mom or big sis, but as the strong woman they wanted to be, which was laughable because I was phoning that shit in daily. They reached out, asked me my opinion on most matters, but also checked in on me, wanted to know how I was doing and how my family was, which was mind blowing because the Millennial generation is not known for their empathy. I found myself diving in wanting to know more about this culture.

I became close with two in particular: Crystal and Candice. In and out of class, although tired and spent from a day at work, had their makeup complete. Candice’s makeup was always pristine with a look as if a make-up artist had perfected it before class. Crystal’s make-up had a “natural” flare and never needed retouching.

Initially, I avoided conversation with most students in my classes. As an introvert, it was difficult for me to engage in basic conversation, but after hearing their intelligent and witty comments in class, I pursued their friendship. I discovered these women were searching for the same things I was: knowledge, respect and a chance at a better life, in a world filled with struggle and sadness. The makeup was not a form of hiding or cultural obligation, but it provided them focus and empowerment.

After graduation, Candice and I went to her uncle’s cabin up at Lake Harmony. We went into town to walk around and check some things out, there was an event going on and some vendors were selling their goods. A jewelry vendor, who was probably from Generation Y pointed at my friends’ eyebrows and said, “I love your eyebrows.” I had always noticed, Candice took great care with her eyebrows, were perfect. My eyebrows were throwbacks to Brooke Shields in the 80’s. I thought the Generation Y girl was joking when she asked her about her eyebrows, but I could see she was admiring her, ogling her skill. I turned to Candice and said, “Is that a thing?” She replied, “Yeah, it’s a thing.” Women, admiring other women’s eyebrows, who knew? Women complimenting each other, empowering one another, I believe, is part of the new wave of feminism. These women are not working on their makeup to impress men or even other women; they do it to feel good about themselves and to gain a skill for life.

Candice and Crystal led me to YouTube where I discovered a woman in her forties who has an autoimmune illness, as I do, who is producing videos on how to do your makeup in your mid-life. She’s beautiful before and after makeup and she empowers her audience to be their best selves on a level I never would have given credence to as a feminist. I used to feel that Millennial women hid themselves in the wild, with makeup, now I have learned the value of showing off your mad skills and the truth of “putting your best face forward.”

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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