10 Questions About Women’s Beauty Products To Quiz Your Friends With
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10 Questions About Women’s Beauty Products To Quiz Your Friends With

My brother’s perspective on my makeup and hair routine

10 Questions About Women’s Beauty Products To Quiz Your Friends With
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I asked my twin brother to answer ten questions about makeup, hair, jewlery, and beauty terms to the best of his ability. This “social experiment”, persay, definitely sheds light on the true (limited) understanding that our male counterparts can have. Next time a brother, dad, boyfriend, husband, etc, gets annoyed by the amount of time you take getting ready in the bathroom, quiz them to see what they really know about our morning routines. Read to the end to see his total points of accuracy!!

1. What is a beauty blender?

“That thing you...um...put makeup on and off your face”

Feedback: I’ll give him this one, it’s impressive to be honest that he knew it is a makeup applicator at all. However, I got to dock him for saying you use it to take makeup off your face too, which isn’t true.

Score: 1/2 point

2. What do you use highlight for?

“Isn’t it for your eyes? On your, is it... eyelashes? Eyelids? I’m so confused”

Feedback: I laughed for a long time about this response. He was under the impression that you used highlight like mascara to accentuate your eyelashes When I explained to him that you use it on places like your cheek bone and nose he was just genuinkey confused.

Score: 0 points

3. What is concealer?

“Oh! I know this one from drama club! Don’t you use it to conceal blemishes or whatever?”

Feedback: ding ding ding! His acting background put him in a good position for this one.

Score: 1 point

4. What do you use powder for?

“To put it on your cheeks and make it colorful... right??”

Feedback: *face palm* When Luke, having acted before, mixed up blush and powder I was honestly suprised. I mean it’s used to make shiny skin more matte, so technically adds a little bit more of a tan color?

Score: 0 points

5. What is contouring?

“It’s like using different makeup to make your face complement the parts of each other”

Feedback: This really suprised me! He goes from saying “like” and “um” ten times a sentence to getting more accurate and technical. I asked this question almost hoping to get a comical answer but instead got a somewhat true statement.

Score: 1 point

6. What is a Brazilian blowout?

“When you make your hair get really big... I have no idea”

Feedback: It’s the opposite! A Brazilian Blowout is intended to make your hair shiny and sleek not make it bigger! Was he thinking of a perm??

Points: 0 points

7. What is the cat eye technique?

“Isn’t that when you make your eyelashes vibrant and like... curly?”

Feedback: He thought that mascara and eyeliner were the same thing! Oh dear just when things were turning him, my twin proves my assumptions right.

Points: 0 points

8. What’s the difference between barrel curls and ringlets?

“Aren’t barrel curls when it’s curled around in like a barrel form and ringlets are tons of little curls, like your whole head is all these little curls”

Feedback: I’ll have to give him two points for this one! The barrel curl explanantion is just a little bit iffy but taking a stab at it earns him courage points

Points: 2 points

9. Fill in the blank: “Maybe she’s ———— with it, maybe it’s ——————————.

“Maybe she’s made with it, maybe it’s

Feedback: Partial credit for this one, and a solid effort for remembering the harder half; the brand name.

Points: 1 point

10. If you had to chose one, what’s your favorite Bath and Body Works scent? And which one would you use to describe my personality?

“I think one of my favorites is like coconut or something?” “I guess Wild Madagascar Vanilla because on one side you’re sweet but on the other side you’re really adventurous and kind of crazy”

Feedback: I’ll give him partial credit for his first response and an automatic point for the second because thay cracked me up.

Points: 1 1/2

Well, Luke made a valiant effort and ended up with a total of seven points out of thirteen. As a percentage, this is a 53.9 %. Which is ultimately a failing grade. Give a guy in your life this quiz, add the points up and see if they pass! Either way, we always have the right to a long prep time 😉

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