10 Things That Change Once You Get Engaged
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10 Things That Change Once You Get Engaged

Because it's like starting a whole new life, right?

10 Things That Change Once You Get Engaged
Marysa Wigley

Since I have recently gotten engaged, a few things have come to mind when I think about it. Besides, of course, being so totally in love, I can't help but think of all the little things that start changing. Here's a celebration of those tiny things that change just because you get to say, "I'm getting married!"

1. You can start actually doing the things you've always planned on - you've waited your whole life for this moment and now it's here. You start saving for a house, looking at cabinets, paint colors start standing out, and you constantly look at dresses.

2. Your parents start texting him and CC-ing him in on every text and family event coming up - you know he would probably be there anyways because you told him to be, but now you don't have to because he's in the family group texts and post.

3. If anyone talks to you, it's about wedding things - how's it going? When is the date? What are you planning? What flowers are you doing? How did it even happen? Do you have colors? Can I be there? Where's your honeymoon?

4. You join Pinterest - even if you have never used it before, you decide it's time to look at Mason jars as not just jars but little lanterns instead. You begin to pin so many things, you forget what you already planned on doing the pin before that.

5. No one really ask what's going on in your relationship anymore - well, you're getting married. That's what happening. That's what is going on.

6. You stop saying his real name and just say fiancé - it was nice that he had a name once, but now it's just fiancé. Which is, in some way, so much cooler than boyfriend.

7. You vow to cook more in preparation for the future - you decide it's time to learn (like it wasn't before or something) and it's time to cook the best meals and stop eating Ramen noodles. You know you could both live off pizza, but maybe one night of steak wouldn't be so bad.

8. You never let your nails go without being done - HELLO. You're wearing a rock on your finger and you have to make sure nothing takes away from it. NOTHING.

9. You're ten times busier than before - sure, you already have work and a lot to do, but the wedding planning is more important. So what if I have a year or so before it actually happens? I already picked what I wanted yesterday.

10. You overly celebrate every single date of your relationship - you've recently added a new date to the calendar and for now, it's the most important one but you still never forget to celebrate the first kiss, the first "I love you", the first date, the first song in the car (because everyone has the song in the car)

So, here's to the tiny quirks of being in love and getting married.

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